Final Opportunity for These 19 Amazon Cyber Week Doodads

Final Opportunity for These 19 Amazon Cyber Week Doodads

During Cyber Week, add these baubles and gadgets to your shopping cart.

It’s not just about making expensive purchases like brand-new laptops, sound systems, or AirPods over Cyber Monday and Cyber Week. There are also absurd items for sale. Even though they are not the most recent models of the iPhone or TV, doodads, thingies, trinkets, and more are all on sale during the big sale week. These sales are for you if you’re looking for odd goods that might not be necessary but are a definite must-have.

If you prefer to plan your purchases, we’ve compiled a list of the top overall Amazon Cyber Week discounts (along with some Amazon device-specific deals). Target, Walmart, and Best Buy have also offered excellent bargains. Here is our constantly updated list of the top offers available virtually everywhere.

However, if you only need anything for a stocking stuffer, a white elephant present, or a tiny treat for yourself and you have $20 or less burning a hole in your wallet, keep reading for a genuinely haphazard selection of Amazon offers that will have you clicking “add to cart.”

1. A paper heart punch

Instead of breaking hearts, punch them! The thickest material can be sliced with this paper punch by Marvy Uchida to produce 3-inch heart cut-outs.

2. This shoulder and neck relaxant

After daily use of 10 minutes, this device claims to relieve neck pain. Does it operate? It certainly appears the part.

3. A scalp massager with a wash brush

The purest form of a gadget, this brush will massage the shampoo into your hair’s roots and scalp, adding a touch of luxury to your showers.

4. Saucemoto Dip Video

We’ve all experienced the embarrassment of ketchup pouring down our pants while engaging in road nug. Never again—these dip holders simply clip onto the vents of your automobile.

5. Eight-pack of Lip Smacker Coca-Cola

Do you recall the excitement of a Lip Smacker variety pack? For less than $1 a tube, Amazon has an eight-pack of Coca-Cola flavors, including the Fanta trifecta.

6. A phone stand that resembles stilettos

This heeled phone holder is a stylish way to hold your phone while multitasking. It is available in four colors, but only the ruby red pair is this affordable.

7. A toy writing tablet on LCD

This tablet can be written on, erased, and then written on again indefinitely, kind of like a Magna Doodle for the digital age. No dirty crayons or paper pads are required. You might even be able to persuade your young child that this is their iPad.

8. The bath splash guard

When you start your daily conversations with an irate kid at night, this product seems more like a nice-to-have. You’re not required to live that way!

9. A 4-pack of smart plugs from Kasa

In this highly linked world, smart plugs are a need. You may create your automated morning routine, precisely how you always imagined the future if you get one for each kitchen gadget.

10. The Wobble Wag Giggle canine toy

Fido also merits a gift. The ideal dog toy for pets who enjoy preventing their owners from getting any sleep chuckles when shaken and glows in the dark.

11. Stackable bento lunchboxes from Bento

This vibrant bento box container, which comes with plastic cutlery, two stacking compartments, and the guarantee of enlivening your depressing workplace salad, will cost you less than it costs.

12. Portable little fan

This ultra-portable personal fan doubles as a lantern and a spare phone battery, making it a need for travelers. And a USB charger is available for it.

13. All-purpose dust-removing gel

Computer keyboards and automobile consoles are just two examples of the difficult-to-clean areas where this reusable goo might be used.

14. A singing and dancing robot toy

No, that isn’t the Miley Cyrus persona from that particular Black Mirror episode. It’s a sweet little robot toy that will converse and engage with your child in a manner that is, hopefully, less ominous.

15. A box of 18 fine-tipped pens

It’s now time to begin your long-promised journaling routine. These pens are a great way to start that bullet journal resolution before the new year because they come in a rainbow of colors with pleasant 0.38-mm tips.

16. Ice cube molds for Christmas ornaments

When you swap out “on the rocks” for “on a chunk of ice shaped like a tree ornament,” a festive holiday beverage only gets more so. It should go without saying that the two ornament shapes that can be created by this ice cube mold set will also function for non-alcoholic beverages.

17. An iced coffee maker from Mr. Coffee

Never mind hot coffee. Those in the know rejoice all year long in the iced coffee season. This clever device won’t take up much counter space and will save you a couple of Starbucks purchases each day.

18. A package of 24-color nail art

You can paint just about anything on your fingernails thanks to the wide variety of colors. The only limitations, in this case, are hand steadiness and artistic ability, neither of which appear to be for sale on Amazon. To receive the full 20% discount, clip the coupon.

19. Hooks for organizing headrests in cars

These basic organizer hooks, which come in a box of four, can be used to hang just about anything behind the headrest of your automobile. For those who tend to have shopping bags rolling around in the back seat at all times, these hooks would be extremely helpful.