How to use Best Amazon Seller app in 2022

How to use Beet Amazon Seller app in 2022

Do you wish you could work on your e-commerce business’s everyday chores from anywhere, at any time? You certainly can! The Amazon Seller app allows you to make listings, track sales, and do other things.

The software is free for Amazon merchants to use. You may download the app and start using it right away after creating your Amazon Seller account. Download the Amazon Seller app for iPhone from the App Store or Google Play for Android.

Log in using the same username and password you use on Seller Central once you’ve downloaded the app.

Advantages of the Amazon Seller app

Streamline your operations and cultivate customer interactions without being bound to a computer or a certain place. The Amazon Seller app contains powerful capabilities for staying on top of orders and getting up to know on Amazon policy changes. It also enables you to:

  1. Streamline operations by managing orders and returns in one location.
  2. Enhance product listings – With a few clicks, you may list goods and add photographs.
  3. Track metrics and identify patterns – Track sales and other critical performance indicators in real-time.
  4. Set prices – See how pricing compares to rivals at a glance and automatically modify offerings.
  5. Increase customer loyalty by connecting with customers and developing long-term connections with them.

The Amazon Seller app: How it works

Once you’ve downloaded the app and logged in with your seller credentials, you’ll have access to a number of simple features designed to help you save time and money. Here’s a rundown of the main features and how they function.

  1. Make and maintain product listings
  2. Respond to consumer feedback and demands
  3. Examine sales performance and orders
  4. Maintain the account’s health

Make and maintain product listings

The software includes everything you need to update and improve product listings. Choose the Add a Product option and look for the item you wish to add. You may either create a new listing or add deals to existing goods in Amazon’s store:

How to use Beet Amazon Seller app

  1. Make new listings for goods that do not currently exist in Amazon shops.
  2. Scan the barcode to save time during the listing process, or utilize the useful Visual Search function to seek a product using AI.
  3. To improve SEO, update existing goods by updating any essential information, setting new pricing, or improving product photos.

Respond to consumer feedback and demands

Use the Seller app to communicate with consumers and transform visitors into returning customers. You may use the app to check consumer feedback and respond to messages.

To access messages, go to your home screen and tap the Communications button. Messages can be seen and responded to promptly, or they can be marked as “reply not required.”

  1. Filter to identify messages to which you have not yet responded.
  2. To find particular messages in your inbox, use keywords.
  3. Create email templates to save time when replying to typical questions.
  4. You may also post public answers using the Feedback Manager, where you can observe ratings and consumer reviews over time.

Examine sales performance and orders

Get a comprehensive image of your company’s sales success with clear metrics and sales data directly in the app.

  • Simply tap the sales graph to view sales, find bestsellers, and begin detecting trends.
  • Tap again to get data on product-level sales over time.
  • Using the gear icon, you may choose between product sales and unit sales.
    Filter data by date range: the last seven days, the previous 30 days, or the current week or month.
  • Seller app UI illustration in lo-fi with dropdown

Tap the Payments tab on your home screen to access payment details and current or previous statements.
Aside from statements, you may also get information about:

  1. Refunds
  2. Orders in progress
  3. Other business transactions

The software also provides you control over the whole fulfillment process, from the moment clients make orders to the minute products arrive at their doors. Maintain an eye on the returns process as well as:

  1. On-time shipping
  2. Statistics on late shipments
  3. Order deficiency rates
  4. Numbers for cancellations
  5. Return data on dissatisfaction
  6. Maintain the account’s health

It might be time-consuming to sift through policy specifics to verify your account is fulfilling performance standards. The capacity to identify prospective problem areas can aid in the prevention of problems.

  1. Tap the Account Health option on the main page to reach the dashboard and discover stats regarding product complaints and performance.
  2. Get fast insights about areas you may need to work on to enhance your store.
  3. Tap the News tab to see the most recent policy updates and news from Amazon.
  4. Tap the banner on the main screen to learn more about major concerns that might jeopardize your account.

Having this information directly in the app can help you respond fast to changing needs and save you time and effort searching for policies and news in a different browser.

Extra hints for taking the app to the next level

  1. Turn on push notifications to avoid missing important conversations or tasks
  2. File and track support tickets with Seller Support.
  3. In the app, you may upload supporting documents and receive notifications about case updates.

Beet Amazon Seller app in 2022

The strong AI scanning in the Visual Search tool can help you discover a product by barcode or picture and pull up full information in the Amazon catalog. You may use this functionality by:

  • On the home screen, tap the camera icon.
  • Choosing the Add a Product option

With the app’s homepage chart and business report tools, you can monitor sales reports and conversions and split this information down to product listing (ASIN) data.

The Amazon Seller app gives you more control over your online business.

It’s like carrying a complete store in your hand. The Amazon Seller app allows you to carry your business wherever life takes you.

If you get lost or need assistance navigating, you may use the app’s support function or visit our extensive support page, where you can receive guidance with anything from launching your business to growing into new market sectors.

The software, which is available in 20 countries and 13 languages via a single sign-on, allows you to smoothly switch between the locations where you conduct business.

Download the Amazon Seller app for iPhone from the App Store or for Android from Google Play to get started right now.

FAQ:  For New Amazon Seller 


What is the Amazon Seller app’s functionality?

The Amazon Seller app is a piece of software that allows you to manage your Amazon store from your mobile device. You may download the app for free when you create an Amazon Seller account and set up push alerts to remain on top of key activities. Use the app’s capabilities to easily list items, track sales, complete orders, communicate to consumers, and more.

How can you use the Amazon Seller app to scan products?

To begin, tap the camera icon on the app’s home screen or click Add a Product. Scan the product’s barcode with your device’s camera, or let the AI discover a product for you using an image search.

How does the Amazon Seller app scan books?

Using the app’s convenient Add a Product function, you can scan a book. Look up a book by title using the manual search field, or scan its barcode using the visual search option, which will bring up product data in the Amazon catalog.

How can you get the Amazon Seller app on your laptop?

The Amazon Seller app is mobile software that is accessible for both iOS and Android devices. There is no need to download the app if you are using a laptop or desktop device to access Seller Central in a browser window. Here are different ways to get the app on your mobile device:

  1. Users of iPhones: Click here or search the iOS app store for “Amazon Seller.”
  2. For Android Fire OS users: Click here or search the Amazon app store for “Amazon Seller.”
  3. Click here for the Google Play app store, or search for “Amazon Seller” on the Google Play app store.
  4. For Android users on the Chinese mainland: Search for “” in the Tencent app store () to get the app.
  5. You may also acquire the app on your mobile device by scanning a QR code at the footer of the Seller Central webpage.

Can I use the Amazon Seller app to do business in countries other than the United States?

The Amazon Seller app is accessible in over 20 countries and 13 languages with a single sign-on, allowing you to effortlessly switch between countries and regions where you do business. Learn more about worldwide selling in this tutorial.

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