8 New Features Are Coming to Android in 2022

8 New Features Are Coming to Android in 2022
8 New Features Are Coming to Android in 2022

For CES 2022, Google has provided details on a number of android new features coming to Android smartphones. The upgrades will facilitate communication between Android devices in close proximity and expand OS interaction with smartwatches, TVs, and even cars.

The ecosystem integration of Android has always lagged behind that of iPhones. This year, Google hopes to change that and improve the OS ecosystem by integrating its many products and services more deeply. The business will roll out a number of new features to Android during 2022 in order to do this. Here’s a look at each one of them.

1. Fast Pair is available for TVs and Chromebooks

With just one press, Google’s Fast Pair makes it simple to pair compatible Bluetooth earbuds or headphones with your Android phone. Now that this is being made available for Chromebooks, TVs, and smart home appliances, it will be much simpler to set them up and save the headache of logging into your Android account on a new device.

But it’s not just that. Your Fast Pair-capable headphones will also be able to swiftly connect to your Android TV. All Matter-enabled smart home gadgets will be compatible with the functionality, making setup a snap. Additionally, Windows PC will soon support Fast Pair, allowing you to swiftly connect your Android phone to your laptop or PC.

2. Local Share arriving on Windows

Google is adding Nearby Share and Fast Pair to Windows PCs. Sharing files and syncing text messages between your phone and PC will be simpler as a result. The functionality will launch on a few Windows PCs later this year, as Google mentions in its statement on The Keyword.

This will be a much-needed upgrade as Windows and Android phones have never integrated well.

3. Unlock Using Wear OS 3

Your Chromebook can already be unlocked with an Android phone. The same function is now being added by Google to your Wear OS wearable. You’ll be able to use your Wear OS wristwatch to unlock your Android or Chromebook later this year. When you are close to the gadget and are wearing your watch, it will automatically unlock.

4. Improved Integration with Phone Hub

Chromebooks’ Phone Hub seamlessly integrates with new Android features phones. Google is tightening up this integration so you can use your Chromebook to access all of your chat apps even if your Android phone isn’t nearby.

8 New Features Are Coming to Android in 2022

Additionally, Phone Hub will integrate with Camera Roll, allowing you to quickly access your most recent images and videos.

5. Improved Experience with Digital Car Keys

With the use of this technology, customers won’t even need to take their phone out of their pocket to unlock their car—they can just stroll up to it. In the event that a friend or member of your family needs to borrow your car, you will be able to share your digital car keys with them.

Google made it feasible for some BMW automobiles to accept your Google Pixel or Samsung Galaxy smartphone as a digital key late last year. Google will further extend this feature to additional phones and automakers with Ultra-Wideband technology later this year.

6. Headphones with automatic device switching

Google is trying to make automated device switching and Spatial audio support available for Android and compatible headphones, similar to what Apple has done with AirPods. Depending on the device you are using, this will enable your headphones to automatically swap between your phone, tablet, and Chromebook.

Additionally, spatial audio support, which adjusts the sound output based on head movement, is in the works. The release of these features is anticipated to occur in the upcoming months.

7. Bose Speakers Will Support Chromecast

All Bose smart speakers and soundbars will support Chromecast later this year as Google continues to add more manufacturers to its list of supported companies. This will allow you to cast content from your Android phone to your Bose speaker without any issues.

8. Discover More Details About Your Car

To give you more control over your car, Google Assistant’s integration with Android Automotive is being strengthened. You may ask the voice assistant to warm up or cool down your car, lock it, or find out how much battery life is left using remote actions.

All Google Assistant devices, including your phone, will support the functionality. Prior to being made available on more vehicles, the function would initially only operate with certain Volvo models.

The Experience of a Better Ecosystem

Google hopes that by including these new functionalities, it would be able to improve some of the shortcomings of Android and further integrate it with other smart home gadgets, accessories, and even Windows PCs. These new feature improvements from Google are a good step in the right direction as they will enhance your daily experience. The OS has historically trailed behind iOS and macOS in this area.


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