The Best 19 Browser Extensions and Apps to Help You Save Money During the Holidays

The Best 19 Browser Extensions and Apps to Help You Save Money During the Holidays

These tools, which range from OctoShop to the Honey extension, will reduce your online shopping expenses.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday’s pixel and dust have settled (though many of the best deals are still good). And the peak of the holiday shopping season has arrived. The time to purchase browser add-ons and applications is now.

Despite supply chain challenges, individuals expect to spend close to $1,000 on gifts, seasonal merchandise, and non-gift purchases this year, according to a recent National Retail Federation study. If seeing that number makes you feel like a Grinch, we’ve uncovered 11 applications and browser add-ons to help you avoid starting the new year with a zero balance.

Check out these browser add-ons for free books, increased privacy, and reduced distraction.

A brief privacy warning: Since the extensions on this list search every website you visit for potential coupons, they may put you at risk for security problems. Checking out its privacy policy is worthwhile before installing any of them.


To get the lowest price, Honey examines prices across Amazon, Amazon’s third-party sellers, and other online stores while taking into account expected delivery costs and Prime membership.

When you visit an Amazon product page after installing the browser extension (on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, or Edge), the “h” icon will be visible over the product image. You may set an alert for price drops and view the product’s price history by clicking it to access the Drop List feature. You can be sure that no other Amazon seller is offering a cheaper price if you see the tag “Best deal.”

Additionally, you may conduct a product search on Honey’s website or through the extension to view current and previous prices, coupons, and product availability on various e-commerce sites, including Walmart, JCPenney, and Home Depot.


PriceBlink has a somewhat different UI but still provides price comparisons and coupons. Once installed (on Chrome or Firefox), a yellow bar will show up at the top of the screen whenever you visit an online retailer. If a lower price is offered elsewhere, it will notify you of any bargains and coupons that are currently active on the website.

When you visit an item on Amazon, click “Compare prices” in the top bar to view the base price, shipping charges, and overall price of the item as well as where else it is offered. The bar will display “Next best price” if Amazon is offering the lowest price. If not, it will state “Saved money! acquire this for less “and mention the other site’s URL and the amount.

Additionally, PriceBlink’s website allows you to add things to your wish list, check prices over time, and find coupons.


A browser add-on called InvisibleHand searches for discounts on hotels, flights, and rental vehicles as well as coupons and offers from online merchants. That way, visiting your in-laws across the nation won’t be too expensive (just your spirits).


Pricescout can help you find coupon codes and compare costs at various retailers, just like Honey and PriceBlink can. It searches over 21,000 retailer websites while you shop and will present you with lower prices.

The Capital One Store

Free browser add-ons for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari include Capital One Shopping. When installed, the extension will immediately apply the best savings and coupons to your purchase when you’re checking out.

The expansion compares prices between Amazon sellers and other merchants to help you locate the greatest bargain without doing your research. According to the plugin, you can earn incentives while you shop that can be exchanged for gift cards.


Rakuten, formerly Ebates, is an online store that offers cash rewards for purchases. Rick Broida, a former editor at CNET, said it was “simple to use and comes with no strings attached.” Rakuten does, however, compile information regarding your shopping habits and what you buy.

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The Rakuten browser extension, which is available for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari, notifies you when cash-back discounts are available and prevents you from having to visit Rakuten’s website while making a purchase. On occasion, it will also uncover discount codes for you.


 The OctoShop browser extension notifies you when a product, such as the Xbox Series X, Playstation 5, or Nintendo Switch OLED, is back in stock in addition to comparing costs across stores. As well as setting price drop alerts, you can configure restock notifications for various stores. To avoid having to wait until next year for your order, it also compares shipping times.

The browsers Chrome, Edge, and Firefox all support OctoShop.


The greatest cash-back and discount choices are immediately applied at checkout via RetailMeNot’s Deal Finder browser plugin. More than 20,000 merchants, including Target, Macy’s, Lenovo, and DoorDash, support the extension. Since 2010, CNET has praised the program for making online coupon searching less tedious.


At checkout, Piggy automatically applies coupon coupons and cash-back offers in addition to locating the lowest prices. More than 6,000 online retailers, including Amazon and eBay, accept the extension. The extension, according to Piggy, can also help you save up to 55% on certain hotels.


Slickdeals displays to clients the greatest offers, coupons, and cash-back choices available at the moment of purchase from the online merchants that support it, similar to many other browser extensions on this list.

 For Chrome only

A Chrome extension called Cently, formerly known as Coupons at Checkout, discovers coupon codes for thousands of online stores and displays the best ones to you at the checkout. A feature on Cently called Amazon Best Price alerts you when a product is available for less money from another Amazon seller.

Chrome’s Amazon Assistant

You’ll adore this plugin if you’re an avid user of Amazon. The official browser add-on from Amazon is Amazon Assistant for Chrome. It locates the current deal for you, provides price and product comparisons, and adds items from any website to your Amazon wish list.

From Camelcamelcamel comes the Camelizer.

Most astute consumers are aware that getting the best discounts requires shopping at particular times. The Camelizer is a plugin that helps you decide whether to buy now or wait for a better price by displaying the pricing history of an item you’re looking at on Amazon. Additionally, you may integrate your Amazon wish list so that you’ll be informed when the item of your dreams is on sale. It will also give you price drop alerts through email or Twitter.

A helpful hint is to right-click The Camelizer graph and open it in a new tab if it seems a little off. is a good resource for finding exclusive offers like free shipping, buy one, get one free, and other benefits that can help you save money when you shop online. Additionally, this Firefox add-on locates promo codes. It searches for codes and saves them for you, adding them to your shopping basket. You never miss a spectacular deal because the extension also displays all of the sales for the website you’re reading on another browser page.


You may get a sense of a product’s quality before you buy by reading user reviews. The issue is that lots of businesses pay people to write favorable product reviews on online marketplaces like Amazon. To help you avoid wasting money on a dud, the addon Fakespot analyses reviews to reveal which ones are false and which you can believe.


In contrast to other browser extensions that help you save money, CouponCabin provides you with brief advice each time you conduct a Google search, regardless of whether you intend to make a purchase. Imagine you’re looking up information about the newest Stephen King book on Google. If it’s on sale, CouponCabin will notify you in the search results. By installing this plugin, you can also get 10% cashback.


The ShopSavvy software uses the camera on your phone to scan barcodes and compare prices from both physical and online businesses. On its website, you can also find “Best Time to Buy” charts that show price changes for items like laptops, cameras, and televisions over the last 90 days.

ShopSavvy may be downloaded for free from the Play Store and the App Store.


With Affirm, you may spread out the payment for more pricey items like an Xbox Series X, a PlayStation 5, or an Apple iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max. Affirm provides financing options with terms of six weeks to 60 months and interest rates of 0% to 30%. While there are no late fines, skipping payments may lower your credit rating. Affirm is not accepted by all shops, but more than 245,000 of them, including Amazon, do.

Both the App Store and the Play store offer a free download of Affirm.


Another buy-now, pay-later choice is AfterPay. With AfterPay, you only make four payments as opposed to the multiple payments you would be able to make with other apps. The initial payment is required at checkout, and subsequent payments are typically due every other week. The choice to pay once a month is also available. You won’t be assessed late fees or interest as long as you make your payments on time. You will be charged $10 if you skip a payment, and an additional $7 if you don’t make it within seven days. Amazon does not accept AfterPay, but more than 85,000 online merchants do.

Both the App Store and the Play store offer AfterPay for no charge.