How to Draw on Your PC Screen With best Android Phone

How to Draw on Your PC Screen With best Android Phone

There are moments when you wish you could draw on your computer and share it with others, whether you’re studying from a PDF on your desktop, participating in an online conference, or simply sketching some ideas in Photoshop for best Android Phone.

The simplest option would be to use a graphic tablet, but it’s okay if you don’t have one. Here’s how to draw and write on the screen of your Windows PC using your best Android Phone.

How to Use an Android Device to Draw on a Windows Computer

In creative applications like Photoshop, you may configure your phone to function as a low-cost substitute for a graphic tablet. It is perfect if you’re teaching or delivering a presentation, but you can also use it to annotate your Windows PC screen in other ways.

To draw on your computer’s screen, you need a third-party PC Remote control programme on your Android smartphone or tablet. Both the PC Remote Receiver software for Windows and the PC Remote app for Android are being used in this article. Although the Android app offers the option for in-app purchases, both are available for free use.

How to Draw on Your PC Screen With best Android Phone

Launch both applications after installation, then follow these instructions to pair them:

Utilize a USB cord to link your phone to your Windows computer.

  • Tap Connect on the mobile app’s home screen, then choose the USB icon.
  • Your phone will be prompted to allow USB tethering before the two devices can be successfully linked.

If your PC and smartphone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, you can pair them by selecting your computer’s name from the list after tapping the Wi-Fi icon rather than the USB icon.

Launch the mobile app after connecting your phone and computer, then follow these instructions to start drawing on the screen:

  • Tap the Utility Tools option at the bottom, located second from the right.
  • In the Utility Tools section, choose the Blackboard icon, and you’ll be able to see your PC’s screen mirrored on your smartphone.
  • Tap on the Pen icon to draw anything on your screen. This is how your drawing will look on your Windows screen.
  • A cog icon is displayed above the Pen icon. To change the pen’s size, colour, opacity, and sharpness, tap on this to access the Pen Setup menu.
  • You may erase any area of your drawing by tapping on the Eraser icon. Additionally, there is a cog symbol above it, which you can use to adjust the eraser’s size by sliding the slider.
  • Tap on the Delete icon located in the bottom left of the screen to erase whatever you’ve typed there.
  • You may disconnect your phone once you’re done working by first touching the Me icon, which is adjacent to the Utility icon, and then selecting the DISCONNECT option.


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