10 Best Android Phones to Buy for 2022

10 Best Android Phones to Buy for 2022

The Android smartphone market is huge. There are a stunning number of eager phone makers competing to offer the best Android phones 2022 has yet to see. These days, there are many things to lure you, and they all want to at least persuade you that their product is the greatest one available. There are a tons of excellent Android phone options available with unique features like rapid charging, 5G, and cutting-edge multicamera systems that are ready to impress you.

With larger displays, greater quality, and more, like the Galaxy S22 Ultra, as well as folding phones like the Galaxy Z Fold 4, Samsung, who is still one of the undisputed rock stars of the mobile device industry, continues to provide us with cutting-edge technology. Google’s own Pixel 6 series runs stock Android, has specialized CPUs, and has a reliable camera setup on the back.

However, there are so many options that it may be daunting and complicated to shop, so I’ve compiled my top favorites. The cameras, displays, battery life, and other features of these potent Android phones are all typically excellent. I also gave wireless charging and 5G technology some thought. Continue reading to see my top selections for the Best Android Phones and to learn the finest buying advice.

1.Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra for 2022


  1. The S Pen is included with the phone and has a slot for storage;
  2. The low-light photography is excellent;
  3. The zoom is closer than on other rival phones;
  4. The design is unique.

Not a fan of:

  1. Expensive
  2. The battery life isn’t as lengthy as the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s
  3. The cameras are almost the same.

One of the priciest best Android phones available is the $1,200 Galaxy S22 Ultra, but for good reason. Similar to the Galaxy Note, it includes a large 6.8-inch display, a S Pen stylus you can put within the phone, and an unbeatable zoom range on its four-lens camera. Additionally, Samsung enhanced the way all of its new Galaxy phones capture images in low light, which is particularly significant for a phone focused on photography like the Ultra.

The only drawbacks? High price and rather limited battery life of the S22 Ultra. In spite of this, the Galaxy S22 Ultra is the greatest phone for those looking for the largest screen and the best camera a smartphone can provide. Just be prepared to shell out more money for those benefits.

2. Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus


  1. luminous screen
  2. a comfortable screen size balance
  3. better camera with better contrast and colour
  4. Beautiful design

I dislike:

  1. A phone still costs a lot at $1,000.
  2. The battery life is less than that of the iPhone 13 Pro.
  3. No fresh built-in camera settings
  4. A $50 fast charging adaptor is necessary.

For the majority of customers, the $1,000 Galaxy S22 Plus strikes the ideal combination between size, performance, and camera quality. For individuals who like larger-sized phones but think the Ultra could be too overpowering, the 6.6-inch screen offers enough of room (and expensive). A significant improvement over the Galaxy S21 series from last year’s is also made by the switch to a 50-megapixel camera, particularly in terms of colour and contrast in pictures.

My main gripe is that the battery life was only decent, despite the fact that it outperformed the standard Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Ultra in battery tests. Additionally, considering that the S22 Plus is more costly than a number of the phones on our list, it would have been wonderful to see additional features that make use of the S22’s enhanced camera. However, the Galaxy S22 Plus offers all the features that the majority of consumers want in a new best Android phones.

3. Google Pixel 6 Pro


  1. fantastic cameras
  2. A strong overall performance
  3. slick Android 12 user interface
  4. Beautiful design

I dislike:

  • Good but not outstanding battery
  • Fast charging is not very quick.
  • False face unlock

For a few years, Google avoided the flagship market in favors of developing its own processor with artificial intelligence and machine learning as its primary focus. The shooting prowess of the Pixel 6 Pro matches all of its other features.

10 Best Android Phones to Buy 2022

Even with so much value included, Google’s $899 higher-end phone still offers a lower pricing than competitors. The 6.7-inch screen on this large phone has a 3,120×1,440-pixel resolution, making it razor-sharp. When playing frantic games, it boasts an adjustable refresh rate that can go up to 120Hz, but it can also drop down to only 10Hz when the phone is essentially inactive. A full day of mixed usage should be possible on the 5,003 mAh battery.

4. Google Pixel 6


  1. Two-tone pattern
  2. Quality for the money
  3. Google’s top camera is its primary camera.

I dislike:

  • It can be difficult using an under-display fingerprint reader.
  • Good battery life, however it’s difficult to obtain more than a day.
  • Although respectable, the ultrawide camera falls short of the primary camera in quality.

If you want a large screen, flagship performance, some of the best cameras on the market, and a design that sets it apart from the competition, go for Google’s Pixel 6. To ensure longevity, Google increased the three-year OS and security update period to five years. The Pixel 6 is offered by Google and all significant carriers in the US.

The screen on the Pixel 6 is 6.4 inches and 1080p. Depending on the information displayed on the screen, it may be programmed to automatically change from 60Hz to 90Hz. The fingerprint sensor, however, is quite sluggish. It has two back cameras, one with an ultrawide-angle lens and the other the primary camera with a wide-angle lens.

We advise the Pixel 6 if you have $599 and are searching for a new best Android phones.

5. Samsung Galaxy S22


  • A better camera that takes better photos in low light
  • Elegant style
  • For those who like smaller phones, this size is ideal.

I dislike:

  1. Battery life could be improved.

These days, it might be difficult to find an Android phone that is smaller in size. People who want small phones have limited alternatives because the majority of phones have screens that are at least 6.4 inches wide or larger. That is satisfied by the $800 Galaxy S22. Everything we liked about the Galaxy S22 Plus is included in this device, but in a more portable size: a striking design, a superior camera system with a 50-megapixel primary lens, and a clear screen.

The Galaxy S22 still has the same issues with battery life as its more expensive siblings. With the S22’s refresh rate set to adaptive, which increases it to 120Hz for better scrolling, I was just about able to make it through the entire day. Having said that, the S22’s battery life may be enough for certain users, particularly those who spend the most of their day at home or at work with a charger close by. Other than that, the Galaxy S22 is a great option for any best Android phones user, but especially for those searching for a smaller phone.

6. Google Pixel 6A


  • Good screen
  • Quick performance
  • water-resistant to IP67
  • inexpensive price

I dislike:

  1. avoiding wireless charging

The newest Pixel 6a is already on the market and is a good option if you want 5G on a budget. This Pixel phone boasts an excellent back camera, a nice display, a high-end CPU, and an acceptable battery life. One of the most affordable decent 5G cellphones available right now is this one.

7. OnePlus 10 Pro


  1. Elegant design
  2. dynamism in performance
  3. continuous battery life
  4. Bright screen

I dislike:

  • Unimpressive camera
  • Waterproof rating is only available on some devices from T-Mobile.
  • The US does not have 80-watt fast charging.

In our evaluation, the OnePlus 10 Pro received a favourable rating for its sleek appearance, potent performance, and competitive pricing. The camera, which is okay but not spectacular, has to be improved, but generally, this flagship provides a fantastic experience. It’s a good alternative to take into account if you’re looking for a high-end 5G phone that’s a little different from your friends’ iPhones and Galaxy phones.

8. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4


  1. Cover screen at 120Hz
  2. water repellent
  3. improved tablet user experience
  4. software updates for Flex Mode and multitasking

I dislike:

  • $1,800 is still a high price.

Foldable phones are still mostly beyond of reach for the average consumer; they are only available to those who are ready to shell out top price for the newest in mobile technology. The greatest folding phone available is Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4, which offers excellent performance, a fantastic camera system, and a number of changes to its folding technology that make this Android smartphone more appealing than its predecessor.

9. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4


  1. longer battery life compared to previous
  2. Nonetheless, the greatest flip phone to transition to folding
  3. water repellent


  • similar to those in the Galaxy Z Flip 3

The $1,000 price tag on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 belies its incremental update’s power. The Flip is finally a flagship product that is worthwhile to invest in with longer battery life provided by a more power-efficient chipset and a larger battery.

10. Sony Xperia Pro

Not everyone can afford the Sony Xperia Pro, which costs a staggering $2,500. However, you can’t go wrong if you’re a photographer or videographer searching for professional-level camera phone functionality. In essence, the Xperia Pro is four devices in one: a phone, a camera monitor, a quick photo file transfer tool, and a 5G gadget perfect for livestreaming and broadcasting.


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