Best Apple expands self-service repair to MacBooks

Best Apple expands self-service repair to MacBooks

According to Apple, laptops using the M1 family of CPUs, including the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, will be able to use its self-service repair facility.

The service will make real Apple tools and components available via the Apple Self Service Store.

For each model, the Apple self-service for Macbooks provides a variety of repairs, including work on the trackpad, display, battery, and more.

In order to make it simple for customers to repair their MacBooks if they have the ability to fix complicated electrical equipment, tools and components for the device will be accessible at all Apple Store locations and Apple Authorized Service Providers.

Customers should visit to check the repair manual for the device they plan to fix, according to the blog. Later, they may place an order for the tools and supplies needed for the repair at the Apple Self-Service Repair Store.

Best Apple expands self-service repair to MacBooks

The business guarantees that it offers real projects that are created and designed specifically for each gadget to assure quality, dependability, and safety. Replaced components may be returned to Apple for recycling or refurbishing and may do so in exchange for a store credit.

The business offers rental kits for $49, which are supplied free of charge and are available for clients to keep for a week. More than 100,000 active technicians are supported by the company’s more than 3500 Independent Repair Providers and 5,000 Apple Authorized Service Providers worldwide.

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