4 Best Continuous Glucose Monitors for 2022


Diabetes patients with Type 1 or Type 2 must keep an eye on and manage their blood sugar levels. Despite the fact that no one enjoys having their blood tested all day, it must be done since it is a top priority. There is an alternative to conventional blood glucose monitors, which can be inconvenient. CGM devices, also known as continuous glucose monitoring systems, are significantly more practical and may be worn and utilised continuously. Compared to other approaches, this makes checking your blood sugar a breeze.

Dr. Rebecca Fenichel, an endocrinologist at Westmed Medical Group, explained that continuous glucose monitors provide more thorough monitoring of a diabetic patient’s blood sugar levels. They are especially well suited to patients who need to check often during the day or who need more frequent input.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that while anybody can purchase a conventional glucose metre, a CGM system requires a prescription from your doctor. A continuous blood glucose monitoring device may be suggested by doctors for reasons related to your particular health conditions and lifestyle, but it might not be suitable for everyone’s particular diabetes management strategy.

In addition to providing you and your doctor with more information about blood sugar levels than a regular metre, CGM devices also have features like warnings that can assist patients avoid hypoglycemia if their blood sugar starts to dip too low. “They can tell you not only what your blood sugar level is right now, but also if it is rising or falling.”

In order to compile the list of the top continuous glucose monitors on the market for 2022, we talked to medical professionals for this article, including Fenichel, and studied the most popular monitors.

Abbott Freestyle Libre 2

Fenichel recommends this metre, and Dr. Nate Favini, Forward’s medical lead, had already done so. I frequently suggest the Freestyle Libre for continuous glucose monitoring to folks who are interested in learning more about their blood sugar levels, according to Favini.

4 Best Continuous Glucose Monitors for 2022

People are frequently surprised to learn that foods they thought were good for their glucose levels may actually be causing spikes in their blood sugar. Though continuous glucose monitors are more expensive, they can help you understand what types of food and exercise are best for you. By attaching a sensor to your arm, you can track your glucose constantly throughout the day.

You scan quickly for a reading using the CGM device to read your blood sugar on the Freestyle Libre. Additionally, there are optional alerts for when your blood sugar levels fall or rise too high.

Dexcom G6

According to Dr. Josh Emdur, medical director of SteadyMD, “I think continuous glucose monitoring to be a significant tool in the management of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.” “CGM data offers meaningful knowledge to support patients in tracking their glycemic response to food and exercise decisions,” the authors write.

With the Dexcom G6, you don’t need to physically scan to acquire a glucose level reading; instead, you receive a wireless readout to your phone or Apple Watch, a specialised reception device, or both. As long as you wear the Dexcom G6 day and night, it will continuously monitor your blood sugar levels by taking a reading every five minutes. You may specify a custom range for your preferred blood sugar level, and you will be alerted if your blood sugar falls or rises outside of that range.

“If you use an insulin pump, the Dexcom G6 may be able to link to your pump and provide a closed-loop system that will cut off your insulin if you experience a low blood sugar. The Dexcom monitor delivers continuous monitoring that is always visible on your phone and is also certified for use during pregnancy “Fenichel explains.

Eversense CGM System

Eversense is a fantastic choice for diabetes control if you want a device that you can set up and don’t have to bother about reinserting for up to 90 days. The sensor will be inserted by a healthcare professional, and the transmitter will be placed on top of it.

Once installed, the sensor has a lengthy lifespan of roughly 90 days before needing replacement. You may receive wireless readings delivered to your phone via an app, and the transmitter itself can alarm you if your blood sugar levels are too high or low. Your doctor or anybody else who wants to check your blood sugar levels can access your blood glucose data through your app.

The Guardian Connect System

The Guardian Connect System is a CGM that allows you to easily examine patterns and data about your blood sugar over time and that may instantly provide you with your current glucose readings via a linked smartphone. The “predictive” signals you might receive regarding your sugar level are one aspect of The Guardian that sticks out. The Guardian employs technology that foretells when your blood sugar could go high or low before it occurs, in contrast to other CGM systems that only notify you when your sugar is already high or low. The Sugar.IQ diabetic assistant app, which utilises your data to help you determine what diet, exercise, and insulin works best for you, is another tool that comes with the monitor.