Try best Free Security Camera Hack to Repurpose Your Old Android or iPhone

5 Best Home Security Systems for 2022

Most are, you have at least one outdated phone stashed away in a drawer. Yes, you can trade in or sell the phone for less than you paid for it. Why not give that broken iPhone or Android a second chance if it still powers on?

Using an old phone as a home best Free security camera is one of the most practical ways to recycle it. It’s a simple method for monitoring your house while you’re away.

And putting it together is simple. In fact, it only takes three simple steps to begin using an old phone to secure your home.

best Free Security Camera Hack off for 2022

Step 1: Install a security camera app on your old phone

You must first decide on a security camera app for your phone. Many of the same functions are available across most apps, including local streaming, cloud streaming, recording and storage of video either locally or remotely, motion detection and notifications. Once everything is set up, your new phone will allow you to remotely watch your home and operate your best free security camera.

Alfred is among the top apps for setting up your phone as a security camera. It doesn’t matter if your previous phone was an Android or an iPhone because it is cross-platform. And your new phone is no different.

Free cloud storage, a two-way audio stream, a remote view of your live video, motion detection with alerts, and use of both the front and rear cameras are all features of Alfred. You may upgrade to Alfred Premium to gain access to more features like higher-resolution viewing and recording, zooming powers, ad elimination, and 30-day cloud storage.

  • On both your old and new phones as well as any tablets you want to utilise, download Alfred (Android, iOS).
  • Swipe through the introduction on the new phone and select Start. Tap Next after selecting Viewer.
  • When you get at the sign-in page, click Sign in with Google (you must have a Google account) and sign in using your Google account information.
  • Repeat the process on the old phone, but choose Camera instead of Viewer. Ensure that you sign in with the same Google account as well.

5 Best Home Security Systems for 2022

The setup is nearly complete once both phones are signed into Alfred. Only a few settings are available for the camera because to Alfred’s simplification. Only motion detection, front or back camera selection, and audio enablement or disabling are available on iOS. Additionally, you may enable continuous focus, have Alfred reopen itself whenever your phone reboots, adjust a resolution, and establish a passcode lock if you’re using an Android smartphone.

You can adjust a few more settings from your new phone, including notifications, naming a camera or viewer, inviting people to join your Trust Circle (which gives them access to your video feeds), removing cameras, seeing how frequently a camera has disconnected, configuring motion detection sensitivity, and turning on low-light filters for cameras.

Although Alfred is a good option, there are other options as well. In actuality, far from it. If you require more functionality, Manything, Salient Eye, and Presence are all excellent free options with reasonable subscription prices. And one of the more well-liked Android-only solutions is IP Webcam.

Step 2: Choose a spot for your phone security camera

You must set up and position the camera after the stream has started. You might want it targeted at your home’s main entrance, your backyard, the location where you keep valuables, or another area where you believe there may be a vulnerability. An IP camera can also be used as a baby monitor.

You can set up additional cameras for rather comprehensive video coverage if you have several extra old phones sitting around.

Step 3: Mount and power your new security camera

A little smartphone tripod or suction-cup car mount can work wonders to install or position the camera and let you set it in a discrete location. Consider purchasing a wide-angle lens for your phone, which can be found for $5 to $20 online, to increase the field of view.

The phone will be on constantly because streaming video consumes a lot of power. You must place the phone close to a power source if you want to prevent it from dying in the first few hours. The placement of a 10-foot Micro-USB or Lightning cable will be more flexible.

That’s all, then! You can now monitor the feed from the camera on your old phone using the security cam app on your new phone, increasing the protection of your home without investing a lot of money.

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