Three Best Mac VPN for 2022

3 Best VPN Service for 2022

Despite the reputation for strong security that Apple products enjoy, Mac users should still think about using a virtual private network to safeguard their surfing privacy. Why? Other websites may still acquire your IP address since your internet service provider can still monitor your iOS surfing activities. The finest Mac VPN can prevent both of those things, but macOS cannot.

We consider several factors unique to Mac users while choosing the best Mac VPN for our readers, including First, even if not every Mac product is quicker than a PC or Windows product, we want to see a VPN service with connection speeds that match the fast-paced reputation of macOS devices. it also takes a VPN’s usability into account since, if you’ve been using MacOS, you’re accustomed to a simple, intuitive user interface with a low learning curve and a well-organized collection of digital tools.

it also know that many MacOS users favour that environment over Windows devices due to its widespread resistance to malware and viruses spread through apps. In order to do this, we examine a VPN’s anti-tracker capability and overall conformity with Apple’s increasingly strict privacy standards.

These are our top picks for the best Mac VPN, which we have selected from our database of the best VPN providers. Since we often update this ranking as new VPN competitors vie for the top place, be sure to check back frequently.

3 Best VPN Service of 2022

Best Mac VPN for 2022

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN won our Editor’s Choice Award for best VPN in 2022 despite experiencing significant disruptions during the end of 2021. The VPN titan, one of the two biggest providers internationally, has been in operation since 2009 and this year aggressively improved the industry standard for service transparency.

In the previous year, ExpressVPN raised the number of independent third-party audits, revealed information on the deployment of its TrustedServer, joined the i2Coalition to demand enhanced ethics in the VPN sector, and launched an open source Lightway encryption protocol.

ExpressVPN is once again leading the pack as the fastest VPN we’ve tested after a setback in 2020. In contrast to other VPNs, which will reduce your internet connection by half or more, ExpressVPN only reduced our speeds by 2% in our 2022 speed testing. More so than the majority of other VPNs, it also successfully circumvents geo-blocking to access foreign gaming servers and torrenting websites. It also reliably unblocks Netflix and other streaming services.

All of our top-rated VPNs are very compatible with a variety of devices and operating systems, but ExpressVPN has a distinct advantage over the competition thanks to its setup manuals, comprehensive FAQs, and troubleshooting articles. Additionally, it offers a 30-day, no-questions-asked money return guarantee and 24-hour customer service.

Despite the fact that the two-year membership offered by ExpressVPN offers a better value each month owing to market volatility, we do not advise anyone to do so at the moment. For $100 a year, ExpressVPN’s top subscription provides five simultaneous connections (which includes three extra months, for a limited-time deal totalling 15 months of service). Additionally, you have the choice of a $13 monthly plan or a $60 six-month payment. Read our review of ExpressVPN. Read our review of ExpressVPN.

2. Surfshark

Despite having a smaller network than some, Surfshark’s VPN service more than makes up for it with features. Additionally, in our most recent VPN tests, we are now recording the highest speeds. Even though each VPN maintains a distinct network, Surfshark and NordVPN announced a merger in February.

The greatest benefit of Surfshark is its limitless device compatibility. You don’t have to be concerned about how many devices you have on or connected if you want to operate your entire house or workplace on Surfshark’s VPN. As part of its VPN software, it also provides antimalware, ad blocking, and tracker blocking.

Despite the fact that Surfshark has paid German security company Cure 53 to audit its Chrome and Firefox extensions for privacy, Surfshark’s performance garnered generally excellent ratings (PDF link to complete report).

A wide variety of platforms, including Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, FireTV, and routers, are supported by the VPN provider’s apps. Through DNS settings, other devices, such as gaming consoles, can be set up to support Surfshark. Our favourite feature is the one that lets you whitelist specific websites and apps to use without the VPN. This may be quite significant for some commercial applications.

For those looking to circumvent limitations and more carefully cloak their online footprints, Surfshark also has three more unique modes. Your ISP won’t know you’re using a VPN since Camouflage Mode hides your VPN activities. To obfuscate your tracks, Multihop routes your internet connection across several different nations. NoBorders Mode “enables [you] to successfully utilise Surfshark in restricted locations,” to sum up.

Just be careful since doing any of these three acts can be against the law in your nation and incur serious fines. Our tests revealed no DNS or IP address breaches, and Netflix was easily accessible.

Surfshark provides a variety of various starting price packages that are cheaper the longer your contract, but that get more costly after the first term of your subscription plan, like an increasing number of other VPNs. You may choose to lock in 26 months of service for roughly $60, which Surfshark bills as “24 months + 2 Free” for $2.30 per month. It’s a good introductory offer, but after that, the plan renews for $60 a year. You will pay around $48 initially for the first year of service with the basic yearly subscription plan, and then $60 each year for any further years of service.

The normal monthly Surfshark package is $13 per month with no discounts. A 30-day money-back guarantee is provided by Surfshark if you’re not happy with the service.


One of the most well-known names in the VPN industry is NordVPN. When compared to practically all other providers, it provides Mac VPN customers with a generous simultaneous connection count of six connections across its network. For customers seeking a more advanced VPN connection, the VPN service also provides a dedicated IP option. A kill switch function and a Tor VPN connection are also available from NordVPN. During our tests, we identified no privacy breaches and that its speeds were consistently fast.

Although more costly, NordVPN’s price is comparable to that of its sister firm Surfshark. The cost of a two-year plan is initially around $96, but it rises to little under $100 each year for each additional year of service. If you choose the yearly plan, your first year of service will cost $60, and any future years will cost little under $100 each year. However, at $12 per month, NordVPN’s monthly subscription is just $1 less expensive than Surfshark’s. Additionally, like the majority of VPN providers, NordVPN provides a full 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with the service.

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