Best Samsung Z Fold 4, on Sale Today, Has Been Turned Into a Windows Phone

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 for 2022

Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4—Samsung’s greatest foldable to date—will be available starting on August 26. The good news is that you can convert your brand-new, cutting-edge foldable into a Windows Phone with some third-party software if you miss the way Microsoft used to manufacture phones.

YouTuber Mark Spurrell devised a system that displays both the classic and contemporary Windows user interfaces on the same machine. Two different third-party launchers, which are simple to discover on the Google Play Store, will need to be downloaded. Win-X Launcher transforms the tablet-size inner screen into a more contemporary Windows 10-like desktop appearance, while Square Home transforms the Z Fold 4’s outer display into the tiled appearance of Microsoft’s Metro design.

Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 for 2022

The trick is setting up the Win-X Launcher to switch over when the display is opened, as Spurrell explains in his video. To achieve this, you’ll need to download the Bixby Routines app and set up the necessary capabilities.

Although all of this software has been around before, it’s amazing to see everything work together to combine older and more modern Microsoft mobile user interfaces, which makes excellent use of the Z Fold 4’s large 7.6-inch inner display. Thankfully, everything can be downloaded rather easily through the Google Play Store without the need for sideloading.

Naturally, you’ll still need to spend $1,800 on The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 to have this dual-launcher action function, but I’m sure some aficionados are prepared to pay Samsung’s price to be in an exclusive group. Or perhaps the next Surface Duo will use more of the Windows Phone design, as Android Central speculates.

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