Best YouTube TV: The best premium live TV streaming service

The best premium live TV streaming service

The sheer quantity of channels on best YouTube TV is its key selling point for cord cutters. It currently offers 78 of the top 100 networks, more than any other streaming service, including many cable mainstays, all four local networks (ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC), as well as regional PBS stations in the majority of American cities. With the Tokyo Olympics, it also debuted a 4K streaming upgrade, which costs $20 more per month.

On a range of TVs and mobile devices, YouTube TV is simple to use, stylish, and quick in addition to channels. The greatest cloud DVR in the industry, with limitless storage and nearly all the features of a hardware DVR like TiVo.

The cost is the main problem. First off, most consumers won’t find 4K material worth the extra $20, as there are only a handful NFL and college football games to be found there. However, YouTube TV’s main $65 plan is more expensive than Sling TV Blue, at $35 per month, for individuals used to the plethora of channels and simple DVR of cable or satellite, even though it offers fewer channels. The reduced Sling, on the other hand, is the most effective approach to minimise costs if you’re a cord-cutter.

What do you get?

With live channels and on-demand material available on a range of devices, TV offers an experience akin to cable TV. Along with many smart TVs, phones, tablets, and web browsers, it works with Apple TV, Roku, Android TV, Chromecast, and Amazon Fire TV.

There are dozens of channels, a programme guide, and a DVR; the service runs similarly to rivals. However, what distinguishes YouTube TV from other expensive ($60+ a month) options like DirecTV Stream, Hulu Plus Live TV, and FuboTV? Let’s look at it.

Premium services compared

YouTube TV DirecTV Stream Hulu Plus Live TV FuboTV
Base price $65/month $70/month $65/month $65/month
Total number of top 100 channels 78 62 72 59
ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC channels Yes Yes Yes Yes
Record shows for later (cloud DVR) Yes (keep for 9 months) Yes (20 hours, unlimited hours for $10/month) Yes (50 hours, 200 hours plus commercial skip for $10/month) Yes (250 hours)
Step-up packages with more channels No ($20 for 4K, unlimited streams) Yes Yes Yes
Simultaneous streams per account 3 20 2 ($10 option for unlimited) 3


Though Hulu is gaining up, YouTube TV has a superior channel lineup with more of the top 100 channels than any of its rivals. However, having more channels doesn’t always equate to getting more of what you want: While some providers, like FuboTV, focus mostly on sports, others are becoming more diverse. To be sure you’re getting the channels you want, it’s wise to check the list at the conclusion of this article, which compares specific channels across services. read more also here The YouTube joins Facebook in banning Andrew Tate

Although the 4K Olympics are over, YouTube TV’s $20 4K add-on will continue to be available. A number of advantages come with the 4K Plus upgrade, including 4K sports, like college football, and on-demand programming (more on that shortly). With the additional fee, the number of concurrent streams is also increased to limitless, which is advantageous for homes with lots of football teams, or anything. FuboTV, on the other hand, comes with 4K for no additional cost.

The best premium live TV streaming service for 2022

The 4K Plus update brought about a few further modifications including giving 5.1 surround sound to all subscribers, when most of its rivals only offer stereo. The other is that it’s now possible to search DVR recordings for certain sports, which was very useful for occasions like the massive Olympics grab bag.

Is the $20 for 4K worth it?

In a word, no. There’s simply not enough content right now to justify the upgrade. At $20 it’s only $2 more than the top tier of Netflix and that offers thousands of hours of 4K content alone. Let me break it down to help illustrate what’s included right now.

According to YouTube TV’s 4K page, the content includes shows from Discovery, ESPN, Fox Sports, FX, Nat Geo, NBC Sports and Tastemade. At present this doesn’t constitute enough to stick around for — a dozen three-year-old shows and sometimes it’s just a single episode. There’s also Thursday Night Football, “live” Premier League soccer, a “selection” of college football on ESPN, plus an MLB All-Star Game on Fox in 2022.

The interface has a 4K button to make finding related content simpler, but you’ll quickly run through all 14 options. The guide does feature a 4K sticker for content that qualifies, but nothing was available during our testing other than a forthcoming soccer match. The accessible content, including the cooking competition show Make This Tonight and the travel game show Basic Versus Baller, does look fantastic and has superior colour and contrast to broadcast television.

Even though the NCAA is adding a lot of 4K material, it now appears that FuboTV is the best option if you want football, 4K, or both.

How does it feel to use?

The user interface for YouTube TV is straightforward. Library, Home, and Live are the three top-level tabs. The content of your DVR is stored in the library. Both featured and live thumbnails are displayed on the front page. The Live tab features a recognisable programme grid that lists both on-going and forthcoming shows. It is reasonably simple to move right to the code you want because you may search for material at the top of any page. Additionally, you may conduct searches using Google Assistant or a voice remote that is compatible. While having an Android TV streamer makes this simpler, you can also use your Google Home to conduct searches and play it on a Roku.

Be advised that Google and Roku recently engaged in discussions, forcing Roku users to access YouTube TV through the YouTube app. Users of other platforms, such as Fire TV, or those who have had the YouTube TV app added to their Roku account, are unaffected. The two businesses avoided completely deleting YouTube off Roku devices thanks to a last-minute agreement.

Although it might be more tightly integrated, especially on TV devices, YouTube TV’s connection to YouTube proper is good in the meantime and includes YouTube originals in the TV app. When you click the Go To button on a show, for instance, a content page displays with a Related on YouTube item at the bottom. The ability to quickly access related interviews and trailers from this website without having to navigate through menus would be beneficial.

The DVR functions effectively and allows you unfettered fast-forwarding and rewinding of all recordings, including those that aren’t yet finished. The control scheme on the Apple TV is superior to the default 15-second skip offered by the Roku interface. Videos can be scrolled through with the touchpad, and it’s wonderful! It’s so much fun, and accessing the section you want is made rather simple by the presence of thumbnails.

In the past, when a show was added to a network’s on-demand library, the version in your cloud DVR would be instantly replaced. That implies that you wouldn’t be able to skip ads. Although YouTube TV claims to have removed the limitation in October 2018, several techjazzup readers have expressed concern that it occasionally still appears. The DVR on YouTube TV is also not actually infinite. Even though the performances will expire after nine months, this is still far longer than the 30-day period offered by most of the competition.

Streaming may not save you money

The prospect of saving money with YouTube TV was highly alluring when it only cost $50 (or less). However, as the service has added additional channels, the fees have increased as well. Thus, adding the $65 monthly price plus the $50 you currently pay for internet service results in a total monthly cost of more than $110. For around the same cost, several cable TV providers will provide you a TV and internet package.

Of course, prices vary widely, and if you choose cable, you’ll likely also have to pay rental equipment fees, taxes, and other charges. Additionally, the finest package prices are typically saved by cable providers for contract-signing customers. The same is true for “streaming” services like Xfinity Flex from Comcast.

The original motivation for cutting cable is still present. You may cancel YouTube TV at any time because there is no obligation, much like Hulu with Live TV, Sling TV, and other services. Streaming services also offer additional advantages versus cable. For instance, they’re simpler to view on mobile devices and tablets. However, at $65 a month, you’ll need to be coming from a high-priced cable bill in order to significantly save money with YouTube TV.

Should you get YouTube TV?

My favourite live streaming service, if money were no object, would be YouTube TV. It offers a wide range of entertainment options and has one of the greatest DVR and search systems available. It provides more channels than anybody else, and the 5.1 surround sound is fantastic for both sports and movie aficionados. It’s a fantastic choice if you don’t want to be dependent on a typical cable provider.

Despite the fact that some individuals may find $65 a month to be a difficult expense, there is no binding commitment, so you are always free to switch to a better offer. Even while limitless streams are handy if you have a large family, that additional $20 is simply too much for that little 4K stuff.

Sling TV Blue offers an appealing option for cord-cutters who are committed to saving money, especially when combined with an antenna or an AirTV 2.

A comparison of the top 100 channels provided by a couple of YouTube TV’s rivals can be seen below. Check read the whole article for comparisons with other providers and more details.

Yes = The channel is offered at the most affordable price level.

No: The channel is completely unavailable on that service.

The channel can be purchased separately or as part of a more costly package or add-on for an additional charge.

Only the “top 100” channels, as selected by the editors of techjazzup, are mentioned, not all of the channels a service offers. AXS TV, CNBC World, Discovery Life, GSN, POP, and Universal Kids were considered minor channels but were not included.

Regional sports networks, which air games from specific professional baseball, basketball, and hockey clubs throughout the regular season, are not included.

Top 100 Channels for 2022

Channel Sling Blue ($35) FuboTV ($65) Hulu with Live TV ($65) YouTube TV ($65) DirecTV Stream ($70)
Total channels: 37 59 72 78 62
ABC No Yes Yes Yes Yes
CBS No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fox Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
NBC Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
TV Land $ Yes Yes Yes Yes
USA Network Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
VH1 $ Yes Yes Yes Yes
Vice Yes No Yes No Yes
WE tv $ Yes No Yes Yes
Channel Sling Blue ($35) FuboTV ($65) Hulu with Live TV ($65) YouTube TV ($65) DirecTV Stream ($70)