Black Friday: 5 Exceptionally Cheap Amazon Deals to Add to Your Cart

Black Friday 5 Exceptionally Cheap Amazon Deals to Add to Your Cart

Even if these Amazon offers aren’t on your wish list, they’ll probably convince you to think, “Sure, why not?”

Black Friday shoppers fall into two categories: those who have a list of things they need to get and have been waiting weeks for the Christmas discounts to begin, and those who simply like the rush of a one-click purchase.

If you want to plan your purchases, we’ve compiled a list of the top Amazon Black Friday offers (along with some Amazon device-specific deals). Target, Walmart, and Best Buy have all offered excellent bargains as well. Here is our constantly updated list of the top offers available virtually everywhere.

However, if you only need a stocking stuffer, a white elephant gift, or a chance to treat yourself and you have $20 or less burning a hole in your pocket, keep reading for a truly haphazard selection of Amazon deals that will have you clicking “add to cart.”

1. The card game Taco vs. Burrito

After a discount and an additional $5 off coupon, the cost of this card game made by kids for kids is halved.

2. A 4-pack of smart plugs from Kasa

In this highly connected world, smart plugs are a necessity. You can create your own automated breakfast routine, just as you always imagined the future to be, if you get one for each kitchen appliance.

3. This toothbrush holder that is wall-mounted

Place the bathroom debris on this wall-mounted organiser rather than the vanity. This item has slots for water glasses in addition to a little makeup drawer, which allows it to accommodate much more than simply toothbrushes. Even a toothpaste dispenser is built into it.

4. A box of 18 fine-tipped pens

It’s now time to begin your long-promised journaling routine. These pens are a great way to start that bullet journal resolution before the new year because they come in a rainbow of colors with satisfying 0.38-mm tips.

5. Ice cube moulids for Christmas ornaments

When you swap out “on the rocks” for “on a piece of ice shaped like a tree ornament,” a festive holiday beverage only becomes more so. It should go without saying that the two ornament shapes that can be created by this ice cube mold set will also work for non-alcoholic beverages.