How to Download Music From Spotify in Your Phone 2022

How to Download Music From Spotify in Your Phone 2022

Spotify offers a great online music streaming service. However, you don’t want to lose that music if you don’t have internet access to Download music.

Let’s look at how to download music from Spotify for offline play to enjoy music without interruption.

Conditions for Spotify Music Downloads

You must subscribe to Spotify Premium in order to download songs from the service. Sadly, free users can only use their phones to download podcasts.

You may download all of your music at once as a Spotify Premium subscriber from either playlists or albums. After that, you may enjoy all of your music without an internet connection.

Limitations on Spotify Downloads

Two further criteria should be recognized.

You must log on to the internet at least once every thirty days to keep your music downloaded. This is how Spotify determines if your account still has Premium access. Spotify will immediately delete the tracks from your device if you don’t meet the deadline.

A total of 10,000 songs may only be downloaded onto a maximum of five devices. Prior downloads will also be lost if you download anything to a sixth device. Spotify specifically deletes downloads from the device that hasn’t been used in the longest.

See which Spotify membership is ideal for you if you need assistance choosing which Premium option to choose.

How to Use Spotify to Download Music for 2022

Always be connected into a Premium account before downloading songs from Spotify. If you’re using Spotify Free, the download option won’t even be available to you. The instructions are as follows once you’ve logged in:

How to Download Music From Spotify in Your Phone

Search for the album or playlist you wish to download.

  • Tap the playlist or album.
  • Tap the Download toggle if you’re an Android user.
  • Tap the clear arrow if you are an iOS user.
    When your download is successful, a green arrow will appear.

Spotify will notify you when your music have finished downloading or show you the current download status in-app. Spotify will indicate that any playlists or albums that are waiting to download are present in the queue.

Offline Mode and Managing Music in Spotify

Use Spotify’s Offline mode if you simply want to listen to your downloaded songs. Go home and find Spotify’s settings to access it. Utilize the toggle button to enable Offline mode under Playback.

It will either be greyed out or remain hidden when you browse artists, playlists, or albums that include music that hasn’t been downloaded. To view hidden tracks, enable Show unplayable music under Playback.

You may still set up downloads in offline mode if you decide you desire any unavailable tunes. To schedule a download, you touch the Spotify download button.

You’ll see waiting to download notifications next to any in-queue playlists, artists, or albums in Your Library. Spotify will begin downloading your tracks automatically after you turn off the offline mode.

The management of Spotify revolves upon its download button when it comes to categorizing presently downloaded songs. Tap the toggle button or green arrow (depending on your device) on any downloaded music to remove it if you need to free up space or redownload to another storage device. Redownloading is as easy as hitting the appropriate button type once more.

Although Spotify attempts to make its procedure simple and generally applicable, you may always improve it. Check out how to manage your Spotify playlists for the most control over your music collection.

Enjoy Your Spotify Downloaded Music

Once you know how to download Spotify’s music to your phone, creating an incredible offline library is simple. Just keep in mind that in order to preserve your music, you must adhere to Spotify’s rules.


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