Methods for Easily Removing Text from a Picture for 2022

Methods for Easily Removing Text from a Picture 2022

In our everyday lives or at work, we are inevitably confronted with a number of photographs. Some photos on the web will be watermarked for copyright protection. Meanwhile, different types of writing on images exist, such as date, name, image description, and so on. It appears to be a headache if you need to save a photo from the web to use as a background or for other purposes, but the image has text and watermarks. In this post, I’ll show you how to easily and quickly Easily Removing Text from an image.

Remove Text from a Photograph Using Watermark Removal Software

To handle watermarks in photographs and movies, several professional watermark removal software has been developed. It is, without a doubt, one of the most successful methods for removing text from a photograph. However, not every watermark removal programmer is free to use. The majority of them are expensive and have a range of restrictions for the free version. WorkinTool Watermark Remover is a desktop application dedicated to removing watermarks from photographs and movies. It is completely free to use, whether for watermark removal or other purposes.

Methods for Easily Removing Text from a Picture

Text eradication is usually completed in a matter of seconds. It may also remove numerous undesired elements from a shot at once. Save your time as much as possible. In comparison, it is simpler to use than professional picture editing software such as Photoshop and can produce outstanding Easily Removing Text results. You may get and use this watermark remover from the official WorkinTool website.

How to Use WorkinTool Watermark Remover to Remove Text from Images

  1. Run WorkinTool Watermark Remover on your computer and pick Remove Watermark from Image from the user interface.
  2. Upload the image (JPG, PNG, and BMP are all supported) and use the brush or rectangle tool to cover the text or watermark.
  3. On the top menu bar, click Compare to review the Easily Removing Text results. Then click Save to save the altered image to your folder. And then click Open to see the outcome.

This software has numerous watermark removal options, including Smooth Removal, AI Removal, Edge Filling, Texture, and others. Varied removal modes might result in different removal outcomes. In the Smooth, Edge filling, and Texture modes, the tool recognises the background colour of the photo and seamlessly fills the colour to the deleted section. Edge filling is better suited for images with three or more colours. AI removal can assist you in automatically recognising the watermark or text place and removing it intelligently.

How to Remove Text from a Photograph Using a Photo Editor

Using photo editing software to remove text from a photograph is another option. Several PC and mobile photo editors allow you to eliminate undesired things from a photograph. Inpaint is a useful programmer for easily retouching images and removing undesired items. It can remove text, figures, and other elements from a photograph without causing the erased area to become blurry.

It looks at many watermarks and tools to choose from, such as lines, lassos, magic wands, and so on. The desktop Inpaint is free to download and has no file size restrictions. Inpaint, on the other hand, has a relatively signal function. It is solely capable of removing items from photographs. This graphics programme works on both Windows and Mac computers. You may get it from the official website.

How to Remove Text from a Photograph Using Inpaint

  • Open Inpaint on your computer and select Open> File to upload your image.
  • Using the brush, lasso, line, and so on, paint the text in the photo. Then, on the top, hit Erase.
  • Select File> Save to save the altered image to your PC.

How to Remove Text from a Photo Using the Watermark Eraser App

If you want to process text in a photo on your mobile phone, you may try out Video Eraser, a powerful watermark removal App. It is simple to remove watermarks, text, and other types of stamps from images and movies. It is now available on Google Play and is compatible with Android phones. All users can work with ease thanks to its simple user interface.

Methods for Easily Removing Text from a Picture for 2022

It also offers options for video and photo editing, such as reversing, compressing, speeding up, cropping films, cutting out photographs, and so on. In terms of pricing and plans, it provides a day free trial to all users, with the free trial allowing you to save changed files without limitation.

How to Use Video Eraser to Remove Text from a Picture

  1. Download and install the app from Google Play, then launch it. Select your image and then click Remove Watermark.
  2. Using a rectangle tool, select the text on the image. It is possible to make many rectangles to cover all words and watermarks at the same time.
  3. When you press the Done button in the upper right corner, the altered photo will be saved to your photo album.
  4. Watermarks, dates, names, and other identifying features may all have an impact on the viewing experience of a photograph. You may easily remove text from a photograph using the three ways shown above. You can select one based on your device or product attributes.