How to save electricity by fixing a faulty charger?

How to save electricity by fixing a faulty charger?
Bangkok, Thailand - January 17, 2022: An iPhone 13 with 20W power adapter and Lightning cable.

Today will tell you how mobile phone users can use even a broken or damaged charger.

There is a chance that the data cable will split in two since mobile phone chargers frequently break from the joint or snap in half.

This is the reason why most mobile phone users buy two chargers or use only one charger very carefully.

The mobile device’s charging is also impacted and cannot be done correctly when the data connection wire starts to protrude from one section of such a charger.

Additionally, electricity is squandered, and the phone keeps discharging rather than charging.

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Because of this, one user devised a novel, dangerous way in which they utilize a plastic straw and a match or lighter.

Because it poses a fire risk, utilizing this procedure calls for extreme caution.

Where the section of the charger was going to emerge, a short piece of straw with the joint in the middle was cut and placed there. The heat of the fire caused the plastic to soften after the straw caught fire.

After melting, the plastic is fused to prevent separation, and after another charge, the mobile phone’s charging process is restarted.