5 Best File Compression Apps to Manage ZIP/RAR Files on Mac

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You may already be aware that the macOS operating system comes with an archive management tool that you can use to generate and open compressed files. There are instances when you need more control over the process, even while it provides the fastest speeds since it is fully integrated with and optimized for macOS.

To generate, open, and manage ZIP or RAR files together with other compressed file types under such circumstances, you’ll require third-party file compression programmes. The greatest Mac compression software will be covered in the section below.

1. Archiver 4

The finest third-party file compressing software for Mac is probably Archiver 4. It combines a user-friendly user interface with several functionality. Additionally, it works nicely with macOS, making it simple for you to include this programme into your workflow.

You may use the software to handle over 30 archive types, including RAR, ZIP, StuffIt, 7z, and TAR, with no sacrifice to compatibility. Additionally, there is a specialised compression format called.archiver that is excellent for compressing huge music or picture files.

We also adored Archiver 4’s drag-and-drop user interface. Drag and drop as many files as you like, then select Archive to begin. When you’re extremely short on space, the app’s ability to adjust compression level comes in useful.

So, you should check out Archiver 4 if you want a balanced file compressor to manage various archive files on a Mac.

2. WinZip

Another great Mac file-compression tool is WinZip, especially if you recently made the jump from Windows to macOS. Even though it bears the name “ZIP,” this compressor can handle a variety of archive files, including but not limited to RAR, 7z, JAR, and WAR; in all, the programme supports more than a dozen different archive file formats.

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If you have to produce several ZIP/RAR files each day, you’ll adore the user interface. For instance, you may drag and drop files into your chosen directories inside the programme. You may save, email, or share the compressed file after adding the files and directories.

When it comes to customization, WinZip for Mac goes above and beyond. For instance, while creating an archive, you can encrypt and watermark photographs. The conversion of images into the desired format is another option. Not to mention that the programme is compatible with macOS.

If you want the most power and customizability while producing ZIP and RAR files, we suggest WinZip for Mac.

3. BetterZip

A sophisticated file compressor is occasionally required to manage several archive files. Another well-liked macOS programme is BetterZip 5, and its finest feature is scalability.

You may easily use it to build and open ZIP/RAR files if that’s all you need it for. BetterZip 5 provides more sophisticated settings, nevertheless, if you require them. This application may initially produce files in 14 distinct formats. So, based on your tastes, choose one. A Windows PC can benefit from archive files that have been optimised.

BetterZip supports encryption settings, much as other compressor applications. Additionally, you receive a password manager that records each password you use. Additionally, it may recommend more secure passwords for your archive files. You may also build presets and filters to speed up the procedure.

As you can access the settings from the Finder’s context menu with a right-click or Control-click, BetterZip 5 works nicely with macOS. Overall, it is our preferred method for browsing through and opening ZIP files on a Mac.

4. Keka

Keka is a safe file compression programme that you may use on your Mac. Although it doesn’t take up much room on your Mac, it offers a respectable archive file management experience. Keka resides in the macOS dock, unlike the other programmes on this list.

You may drop the files you wish to compress into the Keka programme on the dock by dragging them there. Keka is a compact programme that can open and generate archives in more than 14 different formats.

You may choose the default format, compression setting, and encryption parameters when you first launch Keka. You may modify Keka to suit your needs by using the Preferences window. Adding a Finder extension will enhance Keka’s compatibility with macOS.

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Together, Keka fulfils every requirement to become a reliable Mac file compression tool. As a result, even if Keka has a straightforward packaging, you can anticipate the finest performance. Downloading it is free.

5. iZip

On that point, we would also like to suggest iZip for Mac. Despite having a dated design, this software offers a respectable user experience. It will open practically any compressed file you throw at it because it supports a broad variety of archive file types.

Even if the user interface isn’t its strongest suit, it’s fantastic to have an archive file created in a matter of seconds. After adding the files and clicking a button, you are prepared. You can activate other features, such as more powerful compression methods, if necessary.

The app’s browser user interface is also noticeably faster. It allows you to view bigger ZIP and RAR files’ contents. For instance, you may see many documents included in a ZIP file without first extracting them.

The one major drawback is that iZip only enables the creation of ZIP archives, which is a hassle if you wish to exchange data with someone who uses WinRAR. However, it opens and extracts files from other formats quite well.

You will benefit from all of these file compression programmes in 2022.

You can quickly produce better ZIP, RAR, and other archive files with the aid of all these file compression programmes. You can alter things to suit your requirements if you so want.

For instance, if the circumstance calls for a ZIP file with a more powerful compression method or an encryption system, you may rely on these compression technologies. You may be confident that they all function wonderfully with macOS.


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