8 Best Ways to Fix Android Apps Crashing in 2022

8 Best Ways to Fix Android Apps Crashing in 2022

Android-powered smartphones are used by almost 65% of consumers. Some of them experience problems with the mobile apps they use, which may be very unpleasant. Isn’t it annoying when your favorite game frequently crashes or when a social networking program fails to perform as intended?

Different factors might cause Android apps to crash. For instance, problems with software, connection, or even viruses. Fortunately, a wide range of fixes is accessible to put the apps back on track.

Want to know the cause of and solution for Android phone app crashing? Let’s delve deeper into the suggestions below to quickly get your apps operating.

Examine the Internet connection first

The majority of applications rely on Wi-Fi to update and run properly. These applications might not function properly if your internet connection is unreliable. Verify your network’s functionality and that your Android phone is linked to the Wi-Fi device.

To check your Wi-Fi speed on Android, there are several applications available. They are conveniently available in the Google Play Store. In order to test your internet connection:

  • Go to Wi-Fi in your Settings by opening them. Look up the networks that are accessible.
  • To view the list of accessible networks, tap. Pick the one you wish to employ.
  • You will start getting app-related messages and alerts as soon as you enter the password.

It is risky to connect to a public Wi-Fi network, therefore we advise utilizing an encrypted and password-protected network instead. And be sure you haven’t used up all of your data if you’re using mobile data rather than Wi-Fi.

2. Relaunch the crashing application

Any in-app problem issues will be checked and fixed if an app keeps crashing. Reopen it to see whether the app has begun to function. Long-running apps have a tendency to slow and consume a sizable amount of RAM on your phone.

Android app restarting instructions:

  1. You may clear the app that isn’t functioning by pressing the app overview button at the bottom of your screen, or you can swipe up if you’re using gesture navigation.
  2. To extend the life of your battery, you may also close all apps.
  3. Reopen the app by navigating to it.
  4. Use it as you would typically.

By restarting the program, you not only fix issues and malfunctions but also release RAM memory, which might enhance your phone’s speed.

3. Power Cycle Your Device

This simple and painless fix is frequently the most effective treatment for the majority of issues. A phone’s burden is reduced and cache memory is cleared when it is restarted. Once you restart your smartphone, many applications resume functioning.

8 Best Ways to Fix Android Apps Crashing

Your phone should be restarted every few days to maintain it quick and responsive. Restarting your phone also deletes any temporary files on the system, even if performance is not a concern for contemporary Android smartphones.

4. Check for Updates on the App

Not updating apps to the most recent version is another frequent cause of app problems. A lot of developers often release updates for their apps to repair flaws, which ought to keep them from crashing.

Maintaining your apps’ most recent versions is a smart idea, particularly if you experience issues with them. How to update your outdated applications is provided below:

  • Search for the app you want to update on the Google Play Store.
  • You will get the necessary update if you tap Update (if any are available).

When using Wi-Fi, the majority of Android phones automatically update applications; but, if you use mobile data, you may need to provide permission.

5. Reset the settings of the app and grant permissions

You must give some applications permission before they can use features on your phone, such as the storage, that they need. This might be the cause of an app’s malfunction. Most likely, you rejected the permissions, therefore you must now go and authorize them. Clearing the app data will allow your app to seek permissions once more.

Choose android Apps management in Settings. After that, click See all app permissions on the Permission Manager screen to grant the app the necessary access.

Others may require access to the contact lists, fitness tracker, microphone, and camera, among other things. The app determines the access you select. After receiving authorization, your app ought to function properly. If not, kindly continue on to the following strategy.

6. Update your Android device.

You should maintain your phone updated just like you should keep your apps updated. Some applications may not function properly if you’re using an earlier version of Android since they were made for newer versions. Additionally, operating system flaws might be a source of issues.

8 Best Ways to Fix Android Apps Crashing 2022

  • These steps can be used to check for device upgrades.
  • Access Settings.
  • Navigate to System update by tapping the System section.
  • Your phone will give you the opportunity to upgrade if an update is available.
  • Update your Android smartphone at your discretion.

7. Verify your phone’s compatibility with the Android apps.

Older Android versions don’t support some apps, while others call for particular hardware specifications, such as a certain amount of RAM. Apps are more likely to crash and shut down while in use when there are these sorts of compatibility problems. For instance, you will need to switch to a new Android smartphone if your old Android phone cannot run demanding games like PUBG and COD.

  • By carrying out the below actions, you may determine whether an app is compatible:
  • Find the app by searching for it on the Play Store.
  • Check the compatibility information by opening the About this program section.
  • Sometimes an app works, but there isn’t enough room on your phone.
  • Memory problems are also common if your phone is older.
  • To free up space, remove unnecessary programs and files from your computer.

8. Reset your phone factory settings

This approach is certain to succeed if none of the others do. After factory resetting your phone, you can lose all of your data, but the app crashes will cease. When you factory reset your smartphone, all the data on it is erased, therefore be sure you have completely backed up your phone’s data since you can never get it back.

Here’s how to perform a phone factory reset:

  • Access Settings.
  • To reach System, scroll down.
  • Select Erase all data by pressing the Reset button (factory reset).
  • Your phone’s security code (pin, password, or pattern) and final confirmation are required by this device in order to reset your phone.

Update Android and maintain app functionality

Despite Android’s strength and effectiveness, its running apps occasionally have a chance to crash. Memory issues or out-of-date software are frequently to blame for problems. Follow the instructions carefully, and you’ll be set to go; frequently, a restart will solve the problem. You may also find out why apps are crashing on your Android by following these instructions.


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