Google announced the great news to the Android users

Google announced the great news to the Android users

Google company is going to release a new feature update for Android users.

According to a recent report, the Google company is releasing a tool called the Extension Software Developer Kit that will allow developers to use the new photo package features of Android 13 in applications running on Android 11 and 12 versions.

“The company is working to replace its existing ad tracking system with a privacy sandbox and is holding a beta release for the system on Android 13,” he said.

What does Google know about you? It is possible to find out with one click

Have you ever tried to find out how much Google or Meta know about you, and get all this information with one click?

Some of this information may surprise you, such as whether you live in a rental or own your home.

Your profile on Google can tell how old your children are, whether they go to school or university.

Similarly, your degree status is also determined by Google, although you may have registered your degree in your Google account.

Also, whether you work at a big company or a small shop, Google also knows that.Most people state that they know one or two languages ​​(English and Urdu) while giving information about themselves. But Google also knows what other languages ​​you have Suddha Buddha in Google has created a summary of your personality which has been found to be accurate in the case of most users.

You can access this summary very easily, after logging into your Google account, go to and click the Manage Privacy link on the left.

A new page will open in front of you with information about you.

You can correct the information by clicking on each box, or you can turn it off if you don’t want Google to collect information on one of these cases.

Another way is to turn off Personalized ads on the right side, then it can be hoped that Google will not collect information about you, but there is no final guarantee.