How To Become A Hacker: 10 Best Steps (An Ethical Hacker) 2022

How To Become A Hacker: 10 Steps (An Ethical Hacker)

Ask yourself: Why Hacking? before considering the processes or learning curve to becoming a hacker. I promise that the answer to this question will point you in the right direction. The following are possible responses to this query:

  • Just interested
  • To test a System
  • To Work as a Hacker

Plan your learning curve based on the response to this query. Always keep in mind that nothing happens quickly. You can take the methods listed below to develop into a good hacker.

Step 1: Practice with LINUX/UNIX

An open-source operating system called LINUX/UNIX gives computer systems enhanced security. Being one of the most popular operating systems for hacking and offering a wealth of tools, LINUX is unavoidable for hackers. Red Hat Linux, Kali Linux, Ubuntu, BackTrack, and other popular Linux distributions are only a few examples. One of the most popular Linux distributions is Kali Linux, which has been specially modified for hacking.

2. Learn the Mother of All Programming Languages as the second step.

You guessed crrectly, yes! programming in C. The mother of all programming languages is another name for it. The foundation for learning UNIX/LINUX is C programming because this operating system is entirely written in C. Therefore, learning C programming is something you should pursue as a hacker since it allows you the freedom to customize the open-source Linux operating system however you like. Attempt various programming languages as well. You 

should be proficient in at least two or three programming languages if you want to be a hacker.

3. Develop your anonymity

This is one of the crucial procedures that every hacker should be aware of. As a hacker, you might engage in a lot of this activity, some of it perhaps legally and others perhaps illegally. Therefore, it’s essential to understand how to remain anonymous online and how to conceal one’s identity so that there won’t be any traces of you left behind and no one can track you down.

4. Learn about networking concepts 

Understanding networking principles and how networks are built is a crucial and additional step in becoming a hacker. Understanding different networks and protocols is important since it helps you find weaknesses. Thus, it will be quite advantageous to study numerous networking concepts and various networking tools like Wireshark, Nmap, etc. Trust me, fooling around with the network is what hacking is all about.

5: Examine the Secret Web

A browser that provides anonymity, such as Tor, is necessary to access the dark web, a portion of the internet that is hidden from search engines.

It’s no secret that the “dark web” is a hub for illegal activity; this is true. The black web does, however, have a legitimate side; not everything on it is unlawful. So it’s important to understand a little bit about it and how it functions.

6. Develop the skill of secret writing.

How To Become A Hacker: 10 Steps (An Ethical Hacker)

You should become proficient in cryptography, often known as the art of secret writing if you want to become a hacker. Hacking requires the use of encryption and decryption techniques. The authentication, confidentiality, and integrity of the data are three areas of information security where encryption is frequently utilized. Passwords, packets sent over a network, and other data are all encrypted while they are present on a network. As a result, it is your responsibility as a hacker to recognize and defeat the encryption.

7. Become an expert hacker

The moment has come to delve further once you have a solid understanding of the subjects covered thus far. Try learning about topics like vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, SQL injections, and many others by diving deeply into hacking principles. Learning is never-ending in the realm of hacking because security changes every day as a result of system updates. As a result, you must stay current on the newest tools and techniques for hacking or securing systems.

8. Examine potential weaknesses

The system will tremble at the sight of even the smallest weakness. A system’s weakness or flaw is called a vulnerability. scans the system, network, etc. for these vulnerabilities. Write your own flaws and try to take advantage of the system.

9. The Key is Experimenting and Practicing

Sit back and master some concepts after learning them. Keep using diverse settings and circumstances to practice them. Create your own laboratory for testing. Test different tools, strategies, and much more in these laboratories.

10. Join discussions and get to know the hackers in

Making a community or joining forums that enable conversation with other hackers around the world is crucial for hackers. This will facilitate knowledge exchange, sharing, and teamwork. Join communities on a variety of platforms, including Facebook, Telegram, Discord, and more.

So, these are easy steps that can help you become a good hacker. From person to person, the methods may differ, but the end result must be the same! If this list helps you to organise your thoughts on how to learn to hack, please let me know in the comments what else you can add to the learning curve.