This iPad Magnetic Apple Keyboard Case Is Priceless.

This iPad Magnetic Apple Keyboard Case Is Priceless.

My life feels so much richer, lighter, and more convenient since I started using the magnetic Apple Smart Keyboard Folio for iPad.

I debated whether to buy an iPad, but I was always different once I did. That credit mostly belongs to the Apple Smart Keyboard Folio case I purchased and my iPad 11. The case has a list price of $179, but to me, it has been worth every penny.

Why it’s a fantastic gift: The Apple Smart Keyboard Folio is a fully functional (and lightweight!) keyboard accessory with keys that satisfyingly press and rebound. It interacts with the iPad magnetically and connects in seconds. I can open the iPad’s screen easily with this keyboard case to work on projects, compose long emails, and do in-depth web research. On a laptop, I can perform most of my tasks, but it is much smaller and lighter.

Additionally, the Apple Smart Folio keyboard case can be folded into a stand in one of two modes. I frequently use this method to view Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

When you don’t need to type on the iPad, you can fold the keyboard back and use it as an e-reader, for example.

I took my iPad and this keyboard case on vacation for eight days instead of my bulky, heavy laptop (and also use the iPad on the flight during takeoff and landing).

I’ve blended both ever since, reading the news while sipping tea or cuddling up on the couch. When I’m at home, the iPad is portable and fits neatly into my purse when I’m on the go.

The importance of the iPad in my daily life has surprised me and is mostly due to this keyboard add-on.

The price is: Depending on the promotion, the price of the case ranges from $149 to $180 at retailers including Amazon, Apple, Best Buy, and Target.

(For even more functionality, you may even upgrade to the $299 Apple Magic Keyboard.)