Big Best recall: Coffee, Protein Shakes, Oat Milk and Some Breads Affected

Milk and Some Breads Affected

A range of plant milks, protein shakes, coffee beverages, and breads marketed under various labels were among the products that Lyons Magnus, a food and beverage maker, recalled. In addition to the original recall of drinks, several breads have also been included, most notably a range of rolls produced by Piantedosi Baking and King’s Hawaiian pretzel bread.

The FDA and Lyons Magnus claim that the products “did not meet commercial sterility specifications” as the cause of the recall. They could include dangerous microorganisms, such as the one that causes botulism.

Due to a recalled ingredient from Lyons Magnus, Piantedosi Baking said this week that it is recalling several lots of dinner rolls, sandwich rolls, and buns. Because they also include a Lyons Magnus component impacted by the wider beverage recall, King’s Hawaiian already stated that it is recalling its pretzel bread, including its pretzel hamburger buns, pretzel slider buns, and pretzel bites “out of an excess of caution.”

Cronobacter sakazakii and Clostridium botulinum are the specific pathogens that the affected objects may be contaminated with. Rare cronobacter infections might result in vomiting, fever, or urinary tract infections. However, cronobacter can be harmful or even fatal for young children, the elderly, and those with compromised immune systems.

Botulism is an uncommon but highly deadly condition that can harm the body’s nerves and result in consequences, including death. Clostridium botulinum can cause it. Although clostridium botulinum has not been discovered in the beverages being recalled, the FDA and Lyons Magnus advised customers to discard any implicated products regardless of whether they seem or smell rotten in the notice.

A few other more specialised drinks, including as smoothies for breastfeeding, were also recalled. Here are some things to be aware of if you enjoy protein shakes or plant milks and want to learn more about the brands that have been recalled. You can also find out about some substitutes for your preferred beverage that is now out of stock.

What brands were recalled?

Not all drinks produced by an affected brand are being recalled, similar to many previous food and beverage recalls. For instance, certain lots of a drink with a specific expiration date or all lots of a completely different drink from the same brand may be good. Check the recall for a detailed explanation of the precise lot codes, UPC numbers, and expiration dates of the recalled items if you are familiar with any of the brands or beverages on the following list. However, you can check the list of individual lot numbers here. King’s Hawaiian, on the other hand, appears to be recalling all of its pretzel bread.

Big Best recall food

Some lots of the following coffee drinks, protein shakes, plant milks and other beverages are being recalled:

  1. Barista Style in Lyons (Sweet Cream Frappe Base in 32-ounce cartons; Almond, Oat, Soy and Coconut Non-Dairy Beverages in 32-ounce cartons).
  2. Lyons Ready Care (Thickened Dairy Drink, 32- and 8-ounce containers, various consistencies; 0 Sugar Added 1.7 High Calorie High Protein Nutritional Drink in vanilla flavour in 32-ounce cartons; Plant-Based Protein Shake in vanilla or chocolate in 8.45-ounce cartons; 2.0 High Calorie High Protein beverages in vanilla, chocolate, and butter pecan flavours).
  3. Pub Grumpy (Ready to Drink Cold Brew Coffee, 11 ounces).
  4. Tighten up (Plant-Based Protein Shake in vanilla and chocolate, 11 ounces).
  5. Uproot (Oatmilk Organic Oats and Peamilk Chocolate in 8-ounce cartons).
  6. Organic Valley, ordinary and chocolate-flavored 8-ounce cartons of organic whole milk and organic 1% Milkfat Lowfat milks.
  7. Salted (Complete Keto Meal Shake Chocolate Flavor in 11-ounce cartons).
    Rejuvenate (11 ounces, each of Muscle Health+ Vanilla and Muscle Health+ Chocolate).
  8. Gold Standard 100% Whey, offered by Optimum Nutrition in 11-ounce cartons in both chocolate and vanilla.
  9. Super Sweet Organics (Organic Lactation Smoothie Mango Banana, Organic Lactation Smoothie Apple Pear, 11.1 ounces).
  10. Guarantee Harvest (1.2 Cal for Tube Feeding in 8-ounce cartons).
  11. Gold Standard 100% Whey, offered by Optimum Nutrition in 11-ounce cartons in both chocolate and vanilla.
  12. Super Sweet Organics (Organic Lactation Smoothie Mango Banana, Organic Lactation Smoothie Apple Pear, 11.1 ounces).
  13. Guarantee Harvest (1.2 Cal for Tube Feeding in 8-ounce cartons).
  14. Harvest PediaSure (1.0 Cal for Tube Feeding in 8-ounce cartons).
  15. Barista Style in Lyons (almond, coconut and oat milk in 32-ounce cartons).
  16. Pirq (Plant Protein 32-milliliter cartons sold in vanilla, chocolate, caramel coffee and strawberry flavors).
  17. Generic Glucerna (8-ounce chocolate, strawberry and vanilla cartons sold in 24-count cases).
  18. Aloha (chocolate sea salt, coconut, vanilla and iced coffee plant-based protein cartons).
  19. Intelligentsia (ColdCoffee and Oat Latte 330-milliliter cartons).
  20. Farms, Kate (Pediatric Peptide 1.0 Vanilla, Standard 1.0 Vanilla, Nutrition Shake Coffee, Nutrition Shake Vanilla, Nutrition Shake Chocolate, Standard 1.4 Plain, Peptide 1.5 Plain, Pediatric Standard 1.2 Vanilla, Pediatric Peptide 1.5 Vanilla, different carton sizes).
  21. Oatly (Barista Edition oat milk in 32-ounce cartons; Barista Edition 11 ounces; Oat-Milk 11 ounces; Oat-Milk Chocolate 11 ounces).
  22. First Protein (chocolate, vanilla, cafe latte 330-milliliter cartons).
    MRE (cookies and cream, milk chocolate, salted caramel and vanilla milkshake 330-milliliter protein shakes).
  23. Stumptown (cold brew coffee in 325 millilitre cartons in oat milk Original, oat milk Horchata, oat milk Chocolate, chocolate Cream & Sugar and original Cream & Sugar flavors).
  24. Imperial (Med Plus 2.0 Vanilla Nutritional Drink, Med Plus NSA 1.7 Vanilla Nutritional Drink, Med Plus 2.0 Butter Pecan Nutritional Drink and Thickened Dairy Drink in different consistencies).
  25. The Hawaiian King (Pretzel Slider Buns, Pretzel Hamburger Buns and Pretzel Bites).
  26. Piantedosi Baking Company (deli rolls, dinner rolls, hamburger buns, and other baked goods).

Best Recall oat milk in the fridge? Try in its stead.

As a reminder, not all of a brand’s beverage production runs the risk of being harmful or hazardous to consume. On its website, Oatly still offers a number of items for sale. Only the Barista Edition Oatmilk and the 11-ounce Barista Edition, Original, and Chocolate Oatmilks are affected. The simplest method to determine if yours has been recalled, according to Oatly, is to search for the letters “LM” next to the package’s best-by date.

But if you prefer ice-cold oat milk and want to try a different brand, we suggest Planet Oat. It costs only $42 to get a six-pack of the 32-ounce cartons of the “original” from Walmart. It is also reasonably priced and tasty. To find some nearby, you may also utilise the Planet Oat shop locator.

forget cold drink?

Once more, not every item produced by the companies included in the recall has been affected; most of them will still be accessible and safe to consume. In a statement, Cafe Grumpy reaffirmed that it no longer collaborates with Lyons Magnus for its cold brew beverages. Only a few batches of drinks that are due to expire at the end of this month are affected. Most or all of the brands on this list may be compared to this instance.

Nevertheless, a few single-serve containers of cold brew coffee beverages were recalled. If you’re searching for a substitute that you can carry with you, we suggest making your own mixture at home using a common cold brew like La Colombe and your preferred plant-based creamer. Elmhurst Oat Milk Creamer is one of our favourite brands.