What’s the Most Hated App in Your State?

Most Hated App in Your State

The word “hate” is strong. However, it can still apply to little things like apps. Electronics Hub made the decision to gauge user sentiment toward various apps(Opens in a new window), and it discovered that some of them in particular elicit some pretty strong emotions.

Electronics Hub examined geotagged tweets regarding social media, dating, entertainment, bitcoin, and other apps to find out how people felt about them. They discovered that several of these apps are generally despised. Tinder (which created negative feelings in most states, 21), Reddit (seven states), Snapchat (six), Roblox (five), and Facebook were the most widely used apps in the country (three).

By stating The Most Hated App, opinions diverge greatly. Alaska has the slowest internet service, which may or may not be related to how much it detests Netflix. Only Delaware despises Amazon. Maine has divided its animosity between TikTok and Amazon Prime Video. Although Tinder is the dating app that receives the most left swipes nationwide, Pennsylvania has singled out Bumble.

The Most Hated App in Your State

When it comes to dating, OKCupid, Hinge, Tinder, eHarmony, and Plenty of Fish are all not a match in 21 states, 11 states, eight states, and three states, respectively. Though that might speak more to dating than the applications themselves.

Facebook Messenger is the most despised social media app in 21 states. Only two states—Nebraska and West Virginia—ranked Facebook as the most despised social media platform, although that could indicate a decline in its popularity. Twitter, commonly referred to by its users as “this hell site,” sparked conflict in 15 states and was most frequently used in media-heavy locations including New York, Los Angeles, Houston, and Chicago.

Bad news for the metaverse is that Roblox is pretty reviled in seven states (and, according to a research by Electronic Hub, the most despised gaming app worldwide). The real world might very well be the most despised app in the metaverse, so that is probably fair.

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