Top 10 training Best videos for new Amazon sellers in 2022

Top 10 training videos for new Amazon sellers in 2022

New seller Amazon University is a free instructional program designed to help you get started and grow your Amazon company. SU provides a variety of information, including PDFs, eLearning, webinars, and videos, on YouTube and Seller Central (membership required), where sellers may rate content. The following are the top ten videos from the previous year.

1. Suggestions for lowering claims and refunds

Returns, refunds, and consumer complaints are all part of the selling process. Understanding the procedures can aid in the seamless operation of your organization. Increased refunds or returns, on the other hand, may suggest a broader issue. Learn some techniques that new Amazon sellers have used to decrease claims and returns and safeguard their account health.

2. Use the resupply tool to keep your Amazon inventory up to date.

When you sell on Amazon, you have the option of fulfilling orders directly or using Fulfillment by Amazon, sometimes known as FBA. Allowing Amazon’s fulfillment network to handle orders can help your organization simplify and optimize. This video explains the refill tool, which is an inventory management solution for FBA. Watch to see how you can utilize the tool to boost product conversion by increasing your odds of offering additional one-day or same-day delivery alternatives.

3. Comprehend the order cancellation procedure

Cancellations occur when a consumer places an incorrect purchase or when an order cannot be completed due to inventory difficulties. If you understand the procedure, you should have no problems dealing with cancellations.

Top 10 training videos for new Amazon sellers

Do you need a refresher on how to deal with order cancellations, or do you need to cancel an order yourself? For a complete breakdown, watch video.

4. Overview of virtual packages

When you use FBA, you ship inventory to Amazon fulfillment centers to be kept, and we handle fulfillment when an order comes in. Registered brand owners may make the most of their FBA inventory by using virtual bundles, which allow you to create bundled deals for your items without physically merging them. Learn how virtual bundles operate and how to utilize them to maximize your FBA inventory in video.

5. Become the highlighted offer

On an Amazon product detail page, the Featured Deal is the prominent offer featuring “Add to Cart” and “Buy Now” buttons. Earning this placement is contingent on a number of conditions, and it may result in greater sales. This video shows how the Featured Offer works and how you may increase the likelihood of your goods being chosen.

6. A summary of Amazon’s selling practices

We have policies in place to guarantee that both customers and sellers enjoy the best possible experience while shopping on Amazon.

training videos for new Amazon sellers in 2022

This video is ideal for new sellers who want to grasp pertinent regulations and keep their accounts in good standing, as well as anybody who needs a fast reminder.

7. Recognize your account’s health metrics

Your account health metrics track how well you’re doing in the Amazon shop. They can assist you in better understanding your consumers’ experiences and identifying areas for improvement. Your account health can also alert you to any Amazon selling policy violations. Checking your account health on a frequent basis is critical for remaining on top of performance.

8. Using Brand Health to Improve Customer Experience

Enroll in Brand Registry if you own or administer a brand in the Amazon store to gain access to brand-specific tools and capabilities. Brand owners may benefit from Brand Health in addition to advertising opportunities and brand protection solutions. Brand Health examines product performance to identify opportunities for improvement.

9. Set competitive prices for your items.

Successful goods in the Amazon shop are frequently priced competitively. While a low price will always entice buyers, a low price may also aid with things like Featured Offer placement. These price suggestions will help you increase the performance of your items.

10. How to Begin Selling on Amazon Global

If you want to reach clients all over the world, Amazon Global Selling can assist. The Worldwide Selling program enables you to use Amazon’s global network to sell your items to customers in Amazon shops all over the world. If you’re not sure if Global Selling is the appropriate match for your company, this video can assist.

Do you want further advice? In Seller Central, go to Seller University (login required). Check back often for fresh and updated pieces of training. Thank you, and good luck selling on Amazon!

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