What Is New Apple Pencil Hover In 2022, And How It Perform?

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The new Apple Pencil Hover experience is one of the new iPad Pro’s key features, however, it also has a number of improvements over its predecessor. The new iPad Pro is available in 11-inch and 12.9-inch sizes. Its appearance and proportions are exactly the same as those of the 2022 M1 iPad Pro.

The new iPad Pro tablet from Apple has the M2 processor inside, making it the most powerful iPad to date. This makes the iPad Pro as competent as a MacBook, allowing it to tackle demanding activities like editing films, creating graphics, and multitasking without any problems. Its pricing ranges from $799 for the 11-inch Wi-Fi model to $1,099 for the 12.9-inch Wi-Fi model.

Apple claims that the new iPad Pro “offers a next-level Apple Pencil hover experience” in its official press release. The new iPad Pro’s screen can now detect the Apple Pencil (2nd generation) at a height of up to 12mm from the display thanks to a feature called Apple Pencil Hover. The M2 iPad Pro can now create a preview of the Apple Pencil’s position on the screen, marking it with a little dot that moves as users move the stylus. This capability was made possible by software and hardware improvements.

Hovering Over The Apple Pencil Displays More Options

A touchscreen stylus may often only give inputs in two dimensions—along the x- and y-axes—allowing users to doodle, write, draw, or simply navigate through a user interface. The screen and pencil must be in direct touch in this scenario. The z-axis, which is added by Apple Pencil Hover, allows for electromagnetic signal transmission between the Apple Pencil and the iPad Pro’s screen even if they are not in physical touch.

new apple pencil for 2022

For creative professionals and artists who use their iPad to sketch, draw, or create graphics, Apple Pencil Hover will be very useful. In programs like Procreate, users may depict more precisely by looking at the location of the marker on the screen (without touching it). It is not brand-new technology, though; Samsung has long provided a function to it called Air Actions on its Galaxy Note and Galaxy S Ultra smartphones when used with the S Pen pen.

However, in the case of the iPad Pro, outside sketching and illustrative applications can also benefit from the additional features. For instance, when a user draws the Pencil close to the screen in Scribble, text fields increase and handwriting is converted to text much more quickly. Apps like Pixelmator have also introduced support for Hover.

In addition to using third-party apps, Hover is compatible with the iPad OS. This indicates that the functionality may be utilized in applications like Notes and Safari as well as on the home screen. Users of the iPad Pro M2 may hover over links, buttons, and icons to see extra choices appear. Hover will provide a sample of the brush on the screen in applications for drawing and sketching. On the M2 iPad Pro, the Hover function is set on by default. However, it can be disabled in Settings by selecting “Apple Pencil” and turning off “Show Effects.” Users may also choose in Settings to “Allow Double Tap only with Pencil Hover” in order to restrict double tapping to times when the new Apple Pencil is in the Hover position.