7 New Desktop PC for 2022

7 New Desktop PC for 2022

These days, just 15% of computers sold are New Desktop PC , but if you compare the features and storage options with the more typical home and office options, you’ll realize that the dependable desktop computer has a lot to offer. Although there is a lot to be said for the mobility of laptops and tablets, if you spend the majority of your day at a desk it is best to have a more ergonomic setup with a big-screen monitor or perhaps one of those multiple-display arrays.

The endurance and robustness that desktop computers offer are their finest qualities. In addition to being more sturdily constructed, desktops also sustain significantly less wear and tear than a typical laptop due to infrequent use. The fact that you can obtain a significant amount of power and expandability from a desktop PC than you could from a laptop, as well as a potent CPU and a better hard drive or solid-state drive for storage, is another of its strongest characteristics. If you want to utilize your computer as a gaming PC or a graphics editing powerhouse, CPU speed and disc capacity are very important.

Although there are smaller designs for smaller places, a desktop computer typically comes in the shape of a tower or an all-in-one (with an integrated screen). Additionally, Linux and Chrome users have many cheap alternatives, even if Windows and Mac computers may be had for as low as $500 to $700.

We’ve gathered the most recent goods to offer you the finest desktop PC alternatives, which are listed below, even if laptops continue to take up the majority of our editors’ time and attention with TECHJAZZUP’s Chands-on reviews. The models we’ve tested are listed first, followed by more general settings. We haven’t specifically tested those particular machines in the latter batch, but based on our experience with similarly configured laptops we’ve tested, the specs stated should offer a lot of value for the money. The items mentioned below, unless otherwise noted, do not come with a monitor, keyboard, mouse, or camera. You must either bring your own or purchase them individually.

7 Best Desktop PC for 2022 In Cheap Price

7 New Desktop PC 2022

1. iMac M1 2021 (24-inch)

With a body so tiny and completely redesigned by Apple, the iMac might easily be mistaken for an iPad with a large screen. It now has the same lightning-fast M1 CPU as Apple’s late-2020 MacBook Air and Mac Mini (shown below), and the former 21.5-inch screen has been replaced by a stunning 24-inch one. The rainbow of possible hues, which harken back to the 1999 iMac G3, and the 1080p camera, which is a significant improvement over the MacBook’s 720p model, are pleasant additions. Just be prepared to spend a lot of money on the numerous accessory and storage upgrades. (Take note that as of March 2022, the bigger 27-inch iMac has been discontinued.)

2. HP Envy 34 All-in-One PC

As the only remaining high-end big-screen alternative (as far as I can tell), Apple and Microsoft’s larger-screen all-in-one desktops are no longer available, making the HP Envy 34 AIO practically the best option in that category by default.

Although you are paying for appearance rather than performance, it is a good system with a great 34-inch display and several handy features, such as a magnetically attachable camera and a Qi charging station in the base (but it does have a laptop-version Nvidia 3060 GPU). The HP Envy 34 AIO is a wonderful home or conventional office system, in my opinion, for those who want large displays in a compact design.

3. Origin PC 5000T

The easiest approach to satisfy your appetite if you’re unsatisfied with the limited configuration options offered for prebuilt gaming desktops is to use a custom builder. This custom-built system costs more than $5,000, which is just out of most people’s budget range. Even for gaming, many individuals don’t require everything to be at its maximum. But for around half the cost of my assessment equipment, you can obtain decent combinations.

Good, reliable systems are produced by Origin PC. You’ll be able to put something together that you like at a price you can accept, unless you’re searching for something really inexpensive.

4. Dell XPS 8950 Desktop

All-in-ones are convenient, but if they can even be upgraded, they are difficult to do so. With a 12th-generation Core i9 CPU, an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 Ti graphics card, up to 64GB of memory, and 4TB of storage, the Dell XPS Desktop is tiny and quiet enough for a small workplace yet has room inside for extra components. Additionally, the base XPS starts at less than $800 if you have basic needs today but want the flexibility to add components later. But if you do intend to upgrade in the future, you should shell out a bit more money for its 750- or 1,000-watt power supply. Want to make a small savings? Look at the suggested less expensive desktop computer solutions listed below.

5. Apple Mac Mini M1

The news is generally positive if you’re shopping for the most economical Mac available. One of the first to receive the lightning-fast M1 CPU update was Apple’s smallest desktop computer, which outperforms similarly equipped Macs powered by Intel in terms of speed and performance. The Mini has legacy ports like USB-A and HDMI, unlike MacBook computers. The good news is that the 256GB and 512GB versions are routinely on sale at other shops for $50 to $100 less than they would cost you at the Apple Store ($699 and $899, respectively).Apple’s Rosetta 2 software runs the majority of historical programmes in a very quick compatibility mode, and more and more Mac apps are gaining support for the M1 platform. If you still want pure Intel support, though, a Core i5 version of the Mini is still available for $1,099. Want more strength? Take a look at Mac Studio.

6. HP Chromebase AiO 22

All-in-one desktop PCs that are small and centralised are ideal for families. The HP Chromebase goes one step further by coupling one with the straightforward and safe Chrome OS, which is also the operating system that your kids are undoubtedly using at school on their Chromebooks. The desktop resembles a larger version of Google’s Nest Hub smart display thanks to its 21.5-inch touchscreen that is mounted to a grey cloth base (and with Google Assistant baked in, you can use it like one, too). However, within are up to a 16GB RAM, an Intel Core i3-10110U CPU, and a 256GB PCIe NVMe SSD. Even better, the full-HD display turns vertically, making it ideal for surfing through your favourite websites, watching vertical movies, and following recipes.

7. Apple Mac Studio (2022)

The Mac Pro has traditionally been Apple’s top computer model, however the present model is an outdated Intel machine with a steep starting price of $5,000. In contrast, the brand-new Mac Studio for 2022 starts at less than half that much and is powered by Apple’s most recent and best silicon CPUs, the M1 Max or M1 Ultra. If you don’t want to wait for the next Mac Pro edition, this is your best option for running creative-focused Mac programmes, such as animation, graphics, video-editing, and audio-editing software. It’s essentially a Mac Mini on steroids.


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