Every New Game on Apple Arcade Is Coming in February

Every New Game on Apple Arcade Is Coming in February

What’s coming to Apple Arcade this month is listed below.

For about $5 (£5, AU$8) a month, CNET Editors’ Choice winner Apple Arcade offers access to hundreds of games. The service provides exclusive games in addition to well-known and vintage games. These games are available in the standard App Store, but many have paywalls and advertisements that may make them less enjoyable to play. Each game is playable for free without any additional fees or paywalls if you have an Apple Arcade subscription.

The new games available in February are listed below.


Created by Team17 USA

Released on: February 17

Farmside is for you if you’ve ever fantasized about inheriting a family farm that has been abandoned and leading a life away from the big metropolis. In this agricultural simulation, your character inherits a farm on Nemo Island, relocates there, and then creates a fantasy farm that you can stock with crops, orchards, and other things. Complete challenges and tasks to create the thriving, tranquil farm you’ve always imagined.

Plus Lifeline

Creator: 3 Minute Date of game release: February 24

This first in a line of text-based games is a suspenseful sci-fi survival game. Taylor, the lone survivor of a spaceship accident on an alien moon, is the protagonist of the game. You connect with Taylor, who is your sole hope of living. The narrative unfolds in real-time, with different delays between the segments of the narrative and fresh messages being provided throughout the day.

now obtainable

  • Renegade Plus,
  •  Castle Crumble Riptide, GP

January saw new game updates for Apple Arcade.

Episode XOXO of Cut the Rope Remastered

  • Party Royale
  •  for Pac-Man
  • Flowers, Wylde
  • Lego Star Wars:
  •  Amazing Bomberman Castaways
  • Jetpack Shovel Knight Dig
  •  SpongeBob SolitairePants
  •  Joyride 2

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