New iOS 16 Lock Screen 2022: How to Customize Photos, Widgets and Fonts

New iOS 16 Lock Screen 2022 How to Customize Photos, Widgets and Fonts

The Apple iPhone’s newest mobile operating system, new iOS 16, was made available to all eligible iPhones on Monday. Although the new upgrade has several nice features, a new lock screen that can be customized may be the most significant.

With iOS 16, you can adjust the font style and color, activate filters, add widgets, automatically rotate among photographs, and more on the redesigned lock screen for iPhones. The moment has come if you’ve been waiting to liberate yourself from Apple’s historically constrained selection of lock-screen alternatives.

Here’s how to modify your new iOS 16 lock screen.

Simply touch and hold the lock screen image while tapping Customize to edit it or apply a filter. Swipe left or right from there to select from a variety of styles, filters, and fonts. By touching on any component on the lock screen, you may further modify if you wish to go beyond the available suggested designs. As an illustration, you may tap on the clock to alter the typeface or color of the time.

If you wish to have quick access to information like weather, activity rings, or calendar events, you can also add widgets directly to the lock screen. To open the Widget Gallery, touch on the + symbol next to the time. Simply drag the widgets you choose from the gallery onto your lock screen at that point.

New iOS 16 Lock Screen 2022

Once your lock screen has been customized to your preferences, press Done in the upper right corner to save it.

You may start from scratch to design a completely new appearance. To access a fresh wallpaper gallery with a variety of pre-selected collections and designs, swipe to the right on the lock screen. Or you may pick from your personal photo collection.

The Photo Shuffle feature allows

The Photo Shuffle feature allows you to cycle through a collection of images throughout the day. To locate images carefully chosen from your picture collection, search through the Suggested Photos library.

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