This is the quickest method to activate the flashlight on your iPhone.

This is the quickest method to activate the flashlight on your iPhone.

No, not through your lock screen or the Control Center.

There are occasions when you need to activate the iPhone’s flashlight immediately. Maybe you’re trying to find the keys in your bag to unlock your front door or you need to get to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Whatever the cause, turning on your torch as quickly as possible is always preferable, which is why this hidden feature is useful.

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Back Tap is an accessibility feature that lets you swiftly carry out specific operations, like taking a screenshot or launching your camera, by tapping the back of your phone. Back Tap was first introduced by Apple for the iPhone with iOS 14. In essence, it converts your iPhone’s entire back into a button, allowing you to rapidly turn on your flashlight.

To use the feature, which is found in your accessibility settings, you only need to turn it on. Continue reading to find out how to configure your iPhone’s flashlight for Back Tap.

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How to turn on your iOS flashlight with the back tap

Open the Settings app on your compatible iPhone (iPhone 8 or later), then select Accessibility > Touch > Back Tap. Now, you can use two or three taps to start your action (in this case, your flashlight). Even though two fixtures are quicker, I would advise three touches because it’s simple to unintentionally activate the accessibility feature if you fumble with your phone.

Select the Flashlight option after selecting a tap choice. If a blue checkmark appears to the right of the action, you have picked the choice successfully. After leaving the Settings app, you can test out the newly enabled Back Tap function by turning on your flashlight by pressing your iPhone’s back two or three times. You can press on the iPhone’s back to turn off the flashlight as well, but if it’s simpler, you can just do it from the lock screen.

Along with the flashlight, you may program Back Tap to perform a variety of additional tasks, such as launching the Control Center, returning you to your home location, muting your audio, adjusting the volume, launching any downloaded or made shortcuts, and more.