How to Quickly Move Data from an iPhone to an Android Device

How to Quickly Move Data from an iPhone to an Android Device

From Apple’s iOS, move your texts, photographs, and more to your new Android phone.

If you decide to switch from an iPhone to an Android phone, you’ll have a lot of preparation to do. If you don’t know the most effective approach to move your data, switching OS systems may quickly turn into a hassle, whether you’re upgrading to Google’s Pixel 7 or a new Samsung phone like the Galaxy Z Flip 4.

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The tiny plastic adapter that Google and Samsung (sometimes) include in the box holds the key to a simple transfer procedure. It’s comparable to hiring movers to relocate your belongings, unpack them, and arrange your new home identically to your previous one. You may connect your new phone to your old iPhone using the adapter, which includes a USB-A connector on one end and a USB-C connector on the other. For more recent smartphones, such as the iPhone 11, you can also utilize a USB-C to Lightning cable.

With the adapter, you can move your files, audio, background music, and films. You can also use it to have the Android versions of any free iOS apps you have on your old Apple phone automatically download. Despite the fact that iMessage, Apple’s messaging service, is incompatible with Android devices, you may still move your message history and threads to your new phone.

Switch to a Google Pixel phone from an iPhone.

The first thing you should do is charge both phones if you’re specifically going from an iPhone to a Google Pixel. The next step is to disable iMessage on all of your Apple devices, including those that make use of your AppleID. Toggle off iMessage by going to Settings, then Messages.

Install the SIM card if your new Pixel came with one, power on the device, and then tap the Start button. Next, select Copy your data after connecting to a Wi-Fi network. Put the lights power cord into the bottom of your old iPhone after you’ve unlocked it. Then, connect the other end to the “magic adaptor,” or Quick Switch Adapter as Google refers to it (QSA). Connect the QSA to the Pixel at the end. Additionally, a USB-C to Lighting cable is available.

On your iPhone, tap Trust when prompted. then use the Pixel to log into your Google Account. Select the specific items you wish to copy (such as pictures, music, messages, etc.) and then hit Copy.

Your Pixel needs to truly transmit everything at this point. This can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours, depending on how much you’re moving. You can continue configuring your phone while the transfer is taking place, such as inputting a PIN or activating Google Assistant and Google Pay. You’re done after the transfer is finished. Enjoy your new Google life after making sure everything you wanted to move did.

Change to a Samsung Galaxy phone from an iPhone.

Although you can also transfer your data through Wi-Fi, a new Samsung Galaxy phone also includes an adaptor. Because it is quicker, I advise utilizing the adapter. A USB-C to Lighting connection can also be used to link the two devices. Make sure both phones are fully charged before beginning the transfer, just like with the Pixel, then switch off iMessage on your iPhone.

But unlike the Pixel, you can set up your Galaxy phone as new and then transfer the data, allowing you to use your phone straight away rather than having to wait. Open the Smart Switch app on your Samsung phone to begin the transfer. The app may take a moment to download on your phone.

You can be asked to submit or receive data after you’ve opened it. Click Receive. Next, decide whether you want to transfer through cable or Wi-Fi. If you’re transferring over Wi-Fi, you can skip this step and just connect the two phones using the adapter and your iPhone’s lightning connector.

When you hit Trust on the iPhone, a message stating “Connecting to your iPhone” will appear on the Samsung phone. You might be asked for your password if your iPhone employs encryption for backup. Your Apple ID password must be entered.

The Samsung phone will then search for data on your iPhone. It may take a few minutes, after which you can select precisely the data types you want to import. Finally, press the transfer arrow. The transfer itself can take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour. Once it’s finished, check your info on your new Samsung phone. Check the Google Photos app if you can’t find your pictures and movies in the Gallery app.