Roku is now manufacturing its own TVs.

Roku is now manufacturing its own TVs.

Roku uses the streaming device company to improve the visual quality of its televisions while pledging to keep its present business relationships with TCL and other companies.

Roku is moving beyond streaming sticks and audio bars and into the manufacture of TVs. The producer of streaming devices unveiled two new lines at CES 2023: Roku Select and Roku Plus.

There will be 11 models in the new lines, ranging from 24 to 75 inches and up to 4K resolutions. The step-up Roku Plus devices will come with the $30 Voice Remote Pro in contrast to the HD-based Roku Select series’ Roku Voice Remotes.

Roku’s first foray into TV production comes after successful partnerships with more famous TV producers like TCL, Hisense, and Sharp.

These Roku-branded TVs “will not only complement the current assortment of partner-branded Roku TV models but also allow us to enable future smart TV breakthroughs,” Mustafa Ozgen, president of Devices at Roku, said in a news release.

While it’s talking about the future, there are no signs that Roku is looking to advance technology with its TVs. In reality, the corporation will first face competition from its partners for a portion of the affordable market. Roku has only provided a limited amount of information, which makes it difficult to distinguish between TVs made by Roku and those using the Roku name.

In terms of visual quality, Roku has relied on partners. For instance, the TCL 6-Series Roku TV is affordable, boasts full-array local dimming, and utilizes the most modern mini-LED technology. But in the hopes that one of its manufacturing partners will take on the task, the company also unveiled a reference design for a Roku OLED TV.

In addition to continuing to work with companies like Toshiba and Pioneer, Amazon just debuted its TV lineup. Although other stores sold Fire TVs from different partners, only Amazon and Best Buy offered the Fire TV Omni and 4 Series.