Use this “snack scarf” to smuggle food out of holiday gatherings.

Use this

Hefty scarves have concealed sliding storage pouches. Sounds like the dream scarf of Homer Simpson.

This is one crazy notion, so perhaps someone from Hefty’s new product section drank too much-spiked eggnog. A business that manufactures waste bags created the Snack Scarf for folks who simply need to smuggle candy out of a Christmas gathering. It has a hidden pocket lined with Hefty plastic bags.

The scarf costs $2.78 and is offered in quart and gallon quantities. It comes with a box of Hefty slider storage bags (the price of one box of storage bags). The scarves were marketed as sold out at the time of publication, which makes sense. Hefty did not respond right away when asked for a statement regarding whether the scarves would be supplied.

A pocket in a scarf would be perfect for holding face masks, winter essentials like facial tissue, and even cell phones. I’m not sure if I’d be the one stuffing meatballs slathered in barbecue sauce inside one, though. We can only hope that they make more of them.