A big and surprising change in Tik Tok

A big and surprising change in Tik Tok

TikTok has introduced a new and amazing change for users.

TikTok is limiting the number of songs on the popular social media app to gauge how much users value music in their videos.

The company said in a statement that creators will not be able to use certain songs in videos after this change.

This change is currently rolling out to users in Australia.

The statement said that the change will affect currently featured music and schedule work while we analyze how people use music for videos.

The new change will come as a blow to some major music companies who believe that TikTok will cut royalties for songs based on the results of the trial.

TikTok and the companies disagree on the role of songs in the app’s popularity.

Music rights holders say their songs draw people to Tik Tok, while the social media company says music is just a part of the app’s entertainment experience.

If the usage rate of Tik Tok remains stable even after this new change, then Tik Tok will not need to pay more money for music rights.