The announcement of the German company to continue its business in Russia

The announcement of the German company to continue its business in Russia

Berlin: A German consumer goods company has announced that it will continue to do business in Russia, saying it is fully implementing all applicable restrictions.

According to international media, the chairperson of the German company, Simone Trah, says that the German chemical and food giant Henkel will continue doing business in Russia.

“It is sometimes perceived quite severely by the public, so it is vital for us to highlight that we fully comply with all applicable legislation,” Simon Trah told shareholders at the company’s annual general meeting. Applying

He said Henkel’s management would follow the current geopolitical developments very closely and take further steps if necessary.

The company’s activities in the country are subject to sanctions, the chairperson said, with Henkel’s decision amid Western sanctions over Moscow’s military operations in Ukraine and a mass exodus of major international brands from Russia across a wide range of industries. has come.

This Dusseldorf-based company, which manufactures cosmetics, home chemicals, and repair products, has 12 offices and 11 facilities. The company has been working in Russia for three decades.

The company, which employs 2,500 people across Russia, ships its goods to the Russian cities of Perm and Engels as well as the Leningrad, Moscow, Stavropol, and Olyansk regions.