The best feature of iPhones that few people know about

The best feature of iPhones that few people know about

iPhones are prevalent smartphones all over the world but there is one feature that few people know about.

Many people face sleeping problems or difficulty concentrating, so iPhones have a feature that can be a solution to these problems.

iPhones running iOS 15 or later have a feature called Background Sounds.

It is basically a white noise feature that maintains a soothing sequence of a sound or sound and blocks out other sounds to help you fall asleep faster or concentrate.

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How to use the feature

To use this feature, go to Settings and then Accessibility on iPhone and click on the Audio/Visual option.

Go to this option and turn on background sounds, by doing this the phone will play a soothing sound that will help you sleep or focus.

You can choose from a variety of sounds like rain, flowing water, and the ocean, among others while adjusting the volume.

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Remember that after enabling this feature, you have to turn it off yourself.

A shortcut to this feature can also be created so that the entire process does not have to be repeated every time.