The screen of Samsung’s new mobile device can slide and fold.

The screen of Samsung's new mobile device can slide and fold.

Just before CES, Samsung debuted its new Flex Hybrid concept display.

Samsung imagines a time when mobile devices may slide, fold, and bend. At CES, Samsung revealed several novel display technologies, like the slidable and foldable Flex Hybrid, to convey this message.

Due to its slidable and foldable construction, the new concept can convert between 10.5-inch and 12.4-inch screen sizes. The screen’s right side slides while the left side folds. The prototype can alter the screen’s size in addition to switching between 4:3 and 16:10 aspect ratios.

Despite being just a prototype, the Flex Hybrid shows that Samsung is considering the potential layout of the upcoming generation of foldable smartphones and tablets.

Samsung provided more information about its new display concepts in a press release on January 3, but the company plans to show the technology off at CES. There are further prototypes, like the Flex Hybrid. A digital cockpit prototype with a 17-inch slidable display for self-driving cars was also demonstrated in September.

Although concepts like this only sometimes convert into actual goods, Samsung’s current product strategy feels the most compatible with the Flex Hybrid. Even though foldable phones only make up a tiny portion of the overall phone market, Samsung’s mobile device lineup now includes the Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip. As Samsung holds a market share of more than 88% for foldable smartphones, according to Media, the company has an advantage due to its early entry into the foldable phone industry.

The head of Samsung’s mobile experience division, TM Roh, asserted that the business is already preparing for products that would follow the Z Fold and Z Flip in an interview from August 2017. That notion is reinforced by the introduction of novel ideas like the Flex Hybrid.

About the display innovations Samsung unveiled at CES last year, he stated, “It’s everything you saw [there] plus more.”

But as foldable phones advance, Samsung will probably encounter other rivals. Both Motorola and TCL have displayed their rollable phone prototypes.

Because of its lightweight design, my coworker Sareena Dayaram believes Oppo’s Find N2, which the firm unveiled in late 2022, has a lot of potential.

Despite its attempts to promote the use of foldable phones in our daily lives, Samsung does not want them to replace traditional phones.

In the earlier interview, Roh continued, “I would not envision either just a bar-type, just a foldable, or just another potentially new form factor dominating the market. But instead, I find a number of categories coexisting.