Some Twitter users can now send tweets with 4,000 characters.

Some Twitter users can now send tweets with 4,000 characters.

The 280-character limit is no longer enforced for US Twitter Blue customers.

Twitter, famed for its brief statements, is embracing longer tweets.

The firm announced on Wednesday that users in the US who subscribe to Twitter Blue every month would get access to tweets with a maximum character count of 4,000.

Twitter now has a character restriction of 280. From Twitter’s inception in 2006 until 2017, the character limit was 140.

“Even if we enjoy a good discussion, there are moments when you just want to Tweet everything at once. I saw that “a lengthy tweet from the official @TwitterBlue account stated.

The @Twitter account succinctly put it into words by reiterating “more words” more than 70 times.

Some people have criticized the new function, claiming it is badly conceived.

“Long tweets are now being implemented in a bad way. Reading this seems like hot crap. Some formatting improvements would be constructive “Tweeted by @WholeMarsBlog.

“The format is awful, I agree. early the following week, “Elon Musk, CEO, responded on Friday.

Twitter still allows 280 characters for messages, but users can click “Show More” to read longer tweets. Users can also reply to, quote, and retweet 4,000-character tweets.

The change is meant to persuade people to sign up for Twitter Blue after several advertisers quit supporting the platform when Musk acquired it in late October. The monthly membership fee for Twitter is $8 online and $11 on Apple devices.

Twitter has about 180,000 US subscribers, according to a report published by The Information on Monday. This means that it will be difficult for the firm to increase its subscription-based revenue.

The initial tweet restriction was “arbitrary,” according to Jack Dorsey, co-founder and former CEO of Twitter, and it was based on the character limit for messages sent via short messaging services.

Long before Twitter introduced character limits, users discovered ways to get around them by sharing screenshots and threading messages.

The ability to modify tweets and obtain a verified blue checkmark are only two of Twitter Blue’s additional capabilities. After fake accounts that joined Twitter Blue impersonated well-known brands, the company stopped offering an updated membership service in November.