7 Best Reasons Why You Should Love Video Games 2022

7 Best Reasons Why You Should Love Video Games 2022 upslash

Think of retro games like Contra and Super Mario Bros. 3, which still bring back pleasant childhood memories, as examples of simplistic, 2D video games with basic 8-bit visuals.

While you may occasionally still like some of those classics, it’s impossible to dispute that contemporary video games are superior since they provide more immersive experiences and compelling narratives that are on par with those of Hollywood films. Here are various justifications for loving contemporary video games.

1. Astonishing and accurate graphics

Video game makers can now build virtual worlds that appear and feel virtually identical to reality thanks to the development of cutting-edge graphics cards and increasingly potent gaming consoles. The degree of detail in contemporary video games is astounding, with lifelike character models, gorgeous environments, and realistic lighting effects that put you right in the middle of the action.

With support for 4K at 120Hz on the ninth generation of gaming consoles, we have entered a new era of realistic graphics, and games like Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War use innovative technologies like ray-traced lighting. The good news is that this console cycle is still in its early stages, so we haven’t yet seen the greatest visuals that their system is capable of producing.

2. Quicker loading times

The excruciatingly slow loading times that were a fixture of early console gaming are no longer an issue. You may start playing right away thanks to the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5’s quicker loading times. The adoption of solid-state drives (SSDs) rather than hard disc drives (HDDs), which provide significantly faster access to data, is a crucial factor in this.

The new consoles’ improved performance has been a major selling point since it enables players to begin the action more quickly and lessens frustration levels while waiting for a game to load.

For instance, you may start up where you left off in a number of games without having to wait for them to load up completely each time thanks to the Xbox Series X’s Quick Resume function. It’s only one of the causes you ought to think about switching from an Xbox One X to a Series X.

3. More immersive elements and gameplay opportunities

Through the use of cutting-edge technology and software features, modern video games provide more immersive and compelling experiences. More than ten years ago, we bet you enjoyed utilising the Wii Remote’s motion-sensing features to interact with characters and things onscreen, but modern video games now provide far greater levels of immersion.

In recent years, the game industry has embraced virtual reality (VR) more and more. Like the PS VR headset, there are now a number of high-quality VR headsets that enable you to interact with virtual worlds more naturally and realistically.

7 Best Reasons Why You Should Love Video Games 2022

Your gaming experience will be more realistic thanks to the PS5 controller’s immersive features like haptic feedback and adjustable trigger buttons. We also appreciate the DualSense wireless controller’s novel visual style and built-in microphones, which make it simpler to talk with pals when playing online multiplayer games.

On your PS5, you can also enable 3D audio to further enhance immersion by making your games seem like they are happening all around you. This works especially well in first-person shooter games because using directional audio cues might give you an edge.

4. Retroactive Compatibility

Even though there are so many amazing new games coming out for the PS5 and Xbox Series X, it’s likely that you’ll also want to play some of your favourite games from earlier generations. It’s wonderful to know that PS4 titles like Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End can still be played on your new system since they are simply too amazing to be forgotten.

Thanks to its backward compatibility capabilities, the PS5 and Xbox Series X let you play select previous-gen titles with quicker load times and better images. Additionally, Xbox Smart Delivery makes it possible for you to purchase an Xbox One game and instantly receive the Xbox Series X-optimized version when you update. This is a fantastic way to save money.

5. An Expanding Title Library

There are always more games to pick from that make use of the most recent hardware characteristics with each new console generation. The ongoing competition between Xbox and PlayStation also encourages each firm to offer the greatest gaming experience they can. Although this unintentionally results in more exclusive games, which might be annoying if you can only buy one platform, it eventually improves everyone’s gaming experience.

Even though these newest consoles are incredibly capable and feature-rich, vintage gaming is still popular and more accessible than ever. The current rise in interest in vintage consoles is evidence that entertaining games don’t always require cutting-edge technology. If you want to relive your youth by playing your favourite classic games, you’ll be happy to hear that some of the greatest retro gaming systems are still available today.

6. Cross-Play

Another significant factor in why you should like current video games is the chance to compete with or against players utilizing various platforms. Cross-platform gaming enables you to increase the number of possible rivals or teammates without being constrained by the console each one of them owns. With an Xbox Series X or even a PC, you may play games like Fortnight on your PS5 with buddies.

It used to be that you had to either play with others who had the same console as you or move to a new console entirely, however this may no longer be the case. Fortunately, this cross-play has been more widespread recently and will only gain popularity.

7. Streaming services for games

You may always use one of the various game streaming services available if you want to play games but don’t necessarily want to spend money on the most recent console. It’s now simpler than ever to stream games from the cloud and play them on your TV, tablet, or PC, much like a Netflix movie, if you have a fast broadband internet connection.

A cheaper alternative to buying an expensive gaming console or PC, cloud gaming is a terrific way to test out new games without having to download them.

The Time Is Right to Play Video Games

These are only a handful of the numerous qualities that make contemporary video games fantastic. There is entertainment for all types of gamers, whether they are casual or die-hard. With new technologies being created on a daily basis, the gaming industry’s future appears more interesting than ever.


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