How to use WhatsApp’s new Switch Camera Mode feature?

How to use WhatsApp's new Switch Camera Mode feature?

WhatsApp has introduced a new feature for users that will change the experience of using the camera in this messenger.

WhatsApp has introduced a new camera mode for Android users.

This feature is called Switch Camera Mode which will no longer require holding down the button while recording video in WhatsApp.

Simply put, this feature makes video recording hands-free, just pressing the camera recording button once.

Users can use this feature by updating WhatsApp.

The feature is also straightforward to use and for this purpose, you have to click on the camera icon in WhatsApp.

On doing this, 2 options will appear called Photo and Video, otherwise earlier pressing a button would take a photo while holding it down would record a video.

Thanks to this new option, there is no need to hold down the button to record video, and it will also be easier to switch to the front or back camera while recording.

This feature has been worked on for a long time and has now been introduced.