Bad news for old Windows users in computers!

Bad news for old Windows users in computers!

Support for the web browser Google Chrome will end for Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1.

Google announced that the new version of Chrome will be released on February 7. Along with this, the company will end technical and security support for computers running older versions of Windows.


According to Metro UK, Google’s Chrome support manager says, “you need to make sure your computer is running Windows 10 or later to receive future Chrome releases.” The browser will still work if you use an older version of Windows, but there will still be no new updates for Windows 7 or 8/8.1 users.

This means your browser won’t receive any necessary security updates, which makes your computer more susceptible to viruses and other security threats.

Although the first versions of Windows are already several years old, computers still run on these older versions. According to the Daily Star, about fourteen percent of all Windows devices run Windows 7. This means that the new update could cause problems for many people worldwide.

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If you are still using Windows 7, you can easily upgrade your computer to Windows 10. Microsoft provides a built-in upgrade tool for PCs. This way you can upgrade your computer and ensure that Google Chrome will still work safely on your system.