How to Harness the Power of Your iPhone’s Hidden Trackpad

How to Harness the Power of Your iPhone’s Hidden Trackpad

It can be difficult to type on the iPhone and iPad. Every time iOS has recently been updated, there have been overblown allegations that “typing on the iPhone is damaged.”

When typing on your iPhone, one of the most common issues is appropriately positioning the cursor to make revisions. When you can’t get the cursor to travel where you want it to go, the traditional approach of tapping and keeping a finger down on the screen to bring up a magnifying bubble might be aggravating.

Fortunately, there is a different method to shift the cursor while typing in iOS, and it works even if you are using an outdated version of the operating system, like iOS 15. To use and unlock the trackpad on your iPhone, continue reading.

Harness the Power of Your iPhone’s Hidden Trackpad

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How to activate the hidden trackpad on an iPad or iPhone

Here’s how to find the iOS device’s secret trackpad.

  1. Bring up your keyboard and press and keep your finger down on the space key until the keyboard is completely blank wherever you have written a block of text.
  2. You should get some haptic stimulation and briefly see the pointer grow, indicating that you are now able to use the keyboard as a trackpad.
  3. Move your finger across the whole keyboard while it’s still pushed down to move the pointer, much like you would on the trackpad on your Mac.
  4. Simply raise your finger off the screen to move the cursor. After that, you may modify the text with any of the other keys, including Delete.
  5. Pressing down on the space key will reveal a secret touchpad that may be used to move the pointer once again.